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On this page you will find expert witnesses who may consult regarding violent crimes. The experts found in these areas may give opinions concerning aggravated assault, assault, and crimes of violence. Consultants found through these areas of expertise may provide reports on homicide, kidnapping, murder, and manslaughter. They may also testify regarding rape, robbery, and sexual crimes, as well as related topics.

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Featured Experts
Stephen Patrick (Eagle Security Group)
Stephen Patrick’s career in federal law enforcement spanned over 28 years. As an Industry Operations Investigator and Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), he specialized in violent crime involving the criminal misuse... Learn More ›

Paul LaRosa (Eagle Security Group)
Mr. LaRosa spent over 28 years with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) involved in all facets of violent crime. His breadth of experience included a full spectrum of examining violent offenders and working complex crime scenes. Mr.... Learn More ›

Ken Lang (Ken Lang Consulting, LLC)
Dr. Ken Lang is a retired 25-year law enforcement veteran from the Baltimore County Police Department, with experience investigating violent and complex crimes, to include murders, death investigations, police shootings, rapes, sexual assaults, armed... Learn More ›

Park Dietz (Park Dietz & Associates, Inc.)
PD&A offers forensic experts in psychiatry, psychology, neuropsychology, neurology, pathology, nursing, social work, criminal behavior analysis, police, corrections, security, and toxicology. For the 28 years we've been operating as a group we've consistently... Learn More ›

Jane K Gray, Ph.D. (Jane Gray Associates ) Dr. Jane Gray is a premises liability expert specializing in assessing foreseeability in events involving violent criminal conduct by third parties. She also provides expert witness testimony with regard to negligent hiring... Learn More ›
Larry F Stewart (Global Forensic Services, LLC)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Global Forensic Services, LLC (formerly Stewart Forensic Consultants, LLC) is an independent laboratory and consulting firm providing investigation, forensic and litigation support to individuals, companies...
Tony Turnbull (Turnbull Consulting)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: I am a retired Sergeant with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office. I have over 30 years of law enforcement experience. I'm currently providing consulting and expert witness services, instructor with...
Dr. Travis Norton (Norton Police Consulting)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Travis Norton is a retired 25-year law enforcement professional. He is an accomplished police lieutenant and SWAT Commander and has trained officers in police practices nationwide. Travis was the training...
Lance R. Foster CPP, CSC (Security Associates, Inc.)
Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: Lance R. Foster, CPP, CSC is a practicing, non-product affiliated security consultant. He is a former bank security director, homicide detective and college criminology instructor. While specializing...
Spencer Fomby (Law Enforcement Tactical Consultants Inc.)
Location: Texas
Areas of Expertise: Spencer Fomby is a retired 22-year law enforcement veteran. He is an experienced Police Captain, SWAT Commander, and Police trainer. He was the training division Captain for a medium-sized police department;...
Norman D. Bates, Esq. (Liability Consultants, Inc.)
Location: Arizona and Massachusetts
Areas of Expertise: Norman D. Bates, Esq. is a nationally-recognized expert in security and the law. As the President and Founder of Liability Consultants, Inc., he provides security management consulting services to private...
Stan Kephart (Kephart Consulting, LLC)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Unrivaled qualifications in Police and Security Best Practices. Olympic Games Security Administrator, Retired Police Chief, Probation Chief, & Concert Public Safety Director. Qualified in Large Public...
Timothy A. Dimoff (SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc.)
Location: Ohio
Areas of Expertise: Timothy A. Dimoff has over 40 years of experience in law enforcement procedures, high-risk security issues and private security procedures. As Founder and President of SACS Consulting, Inc., he has built...
Randy I Atlas (Atlas Safety & Security Design Inc.)
Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: Founded in 1988, Atlas Safety & Security Design Inc., is a female - owned minority business enterprise which provides expert consultation in such areas as: compliance audits for the Americans With Disabilites...
Jennifer Coffindaffer (Eagle Security Group)
Location: Virginia
Areas of Expertise: Jennifer Coffindaffer is a retired FBI Special Agent who provides case consultation, investigative support, litigation support and expert witness testimony in the areas of: Use of Force; Firearms Training;...
Kenneth S. Trump (National School Safety and Security Services)
Location: Ohio
Areas of Expertise: KENNETH S. TRUMP, Ed.D., is President of National School Safety and Security Services, a Cleveland-based national consulting firm specializing in K-12 school security and emergency preparedness issues....
Adrienne Isom Malin (Eagle Security Group)
Location: Virginia
Areas of Expertise: A retired FBI agent and former criminal profiler at the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), Ms. Isom Malin worked cases involving missing/abducted children, child homicide, child exploitation via the...
Frank R. Vanecek (Full Spectrum Investigations and Consulting)
Location: Washington
Areas of Expertise: Police Practices Expert with over 38 years of law enforcement experience at city, county, state and federal level California Private Investigator and member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators....
Mark Withrow CFLC, CHPP, CFC, CMI (Golden Gate Security Consulting)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Mr. Withrow specializes in Security and Police Practices & Procedures with a focus on Premises Liability, Hotel and Restaurant Safety, Crime Foreseeability, Negligence & Liability, Use of Force, Over...
Youngbee Dale (Dale Consulting,LLC.)
Location: Ohio
Areas of Expertise: Ms. Youngbee Dale has provided her services to numerous entities including, the U.S. Attorney in Eastern District of North Carolina (2021); the White House Initiative on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians,...
Robert A. Gardner, CPP
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: "Expert Professional Not Professional Expert" - I am a Board Certified security professional with multi-state security consultant, private patrol and private investigator "Qualified Manager" licenses....
Ben E Benjamin (The Benjamin Institute, Massage Therapy Expert Witness)
Location: Massachusetts
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Benjamin has served as an expert witness since 2004 on cases involving allegations of sexual assault by massage therapists. He has worked with both plaintiff and defense attorneys, testifying both...
ForensisGroup, Inc. (The Expert of Experts)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: For over 30 years, ForensisGroup has provided the nation’s top law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government entities with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Experts referred by...
Arthur S Chancellor (Second Look Training and Forensic Consulting LLC)
Location: North Carolina
Areas of Expertise: Mr. Chancellor is an expert in the field of crime scene reconstruction, wrongful convictions, crime scene staging, suicide Investigations, and military Investigations especially in the field of violent...
Hayden P Smith (University of South Carolina)
Location: South Carolina
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Hayden P. Smith is a Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at the University of South Carolina. His principal focus of study is the intersection of the criminal justice and public health systems....
Ron Martinelli (Martinelli & Associates: Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc.)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Referred to by respected and experienced law enforcement and security civil and criminal attorneys as “The expert’s expert.” Representing agency defense and concerned plaintiff and criminal defense attorneys...
Consolidated Consultants
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Consolidated Consultants (CCc) continues to deliver high quality expert witness and medical expert witness referrals nationwide since 1995. CCc is the only referral service where you can view the full,...
Elizabeth J. Dumbaugh, MS, CPP (THG Expert Consultants, LLC)
Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: Elizabeth is a consultant and court-qualified expert in premises security and security management. Since 2014, Elizabeth has conducted more than 200 risk assessments for diverse commercial properties including...
Curtis Marshall (Eagle Security Group)
Location: Virginia
Areas of Expertise: Retired ATF Agent Curtis Marshall spent his career as a top-notch tactical instructor and firearms aficionado. Mr. Marshall has unmatched tactical training and instructional experience and. As a member...
Michael Pearl (Robson Forensic, Inc.)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Michael Pearl Police Practices & Premises Security Expert Michael Pearl is a premises security and police practices expert with more than two decades of professional experience. As an expert at Robson...
Beth A Mohr (The McHard Firm - Offices in Albuquerque & San Diego - Practicing Nationwide)
Location: California and New Mexico
Areas of Expertise: “We settled the case for $5 million. Your report played a huge role in that. Thank you for everything!” Nicholas H. Beth A. Mohr, CFE, FSA, CFCS, CAMS, CCCI, MPA, PI, is a Police Practices expert...
James S Cawood (Factor One)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Cawood is President of Factor One which is a California based corporation specializing in violence risk assessment, threat assessment, behavioral analysis, security consulting, and investigations....
Charles Ahmad, CPP (Group Nine Risk Consulting)
Location: Georgia
Areas of Expertise: Charlie is the founding partner of Group Nine Risk Consulting, a firm specializing in security risk management, forensic consulting, and security training. He founded Group Nine Risk Consulting following...
Violent Crimes FAQs

What is a violent crimes expert witness?

A violent crimes expert witness is a person who has expertise in the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes, such as aggravated assault, sexual assault, homicide, kidnapping, murder, rape, robbery, and/or manslaughter.

What is the role of a violent crimes expert witness?

A violent crimes expert witness can provide testimony on issues related to the investigation, prosecution, and defense of violent crimes.

How much can a person make as a violent crimes expert witness?

Violent crimes expert witnesses can earn anywhere from $175 to $450 or more per hour, depending on the case. Experts usually receive compensation for travel time, and more for deposition and trial testimony.

What are the qualifications of a violent crimes expert witness?

A violent crimes expert witness should have experience in crime scene investigation, criminal behavior, and forensic psychology.

For a lawsuit, what type of evidence is gathered and reviewed by a violent crimes expert witness?

A violent crimes expert witness may gather and review evidence such as crime scene photos, autopsy reports, witness statements, and forensic evidence to provide expert testimony in a lawsuit.

In what type of cases would there be testimony from a violent crimes expert witness?

A violent crimes expert witness may provide testimony in cases involving homicide, assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes where their specialized knowledge and experience can assist the court.