Missouri Accident Reconstruction & Safety Expert Witnesses

You will find consultants who may provide testimony on accidents and safety by clicking on the following links. Experts found on this page may consult on issues involving accident reconstruction, machine guarding, and bus and truck safety. These experts may provide reports regarding child safety, crashworthiness, and occupational safety. The consultants found here may also provide expert witness testimony regarding slip, trip, and fall, boating accidents, and playground safety, among other topics.

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Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc. is a multi-discipline, broad-spectrum firm providing comprehensive and qualified forensic engineering, architecture, scientific, biomechanics, and fire/arson investigation expert services to the legal community,... Learn More ›

Brian G. Pfeifer, Ph.D., P.E. (Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC)
Dr. Pfeifer is an Engineering Expert with over 25 years of experience investigating thousands of cases involving a variety of forensic engineering issues. He is a leading expert in accident reconstruction, roadside safety, maintenance of traffic, commercial... Learn More ›

Martin M Balaban, PhD, PE (AR TECH Forensic Experts, Inc)
PhD Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, MS Mechanics from Illinois Institute of Technology, BS Civil Engineering from Cooper Union. Licensed Professional Engineer (Safety) State of California. Accident Reconstruction technical disciplines: Failure... Learn More ›

Jesse L. Wobrock, Ph.D. (Accident Reconstruction & Biomechanics)
ARBIO has offices in Truckee, CA (CalNeva) and Orange, CA (Main Office). Qualified in both Accident Reconstruction & Forensic Biomechanical Engineering, ARBIO (Accident Reconstruction & Biomechanics) looks forward to providing you with personal, cost... Learn More ›

Frank Ferrantello, PLS, CE
Frank S. Ferrantello, PLS, CE is a New York State Licensed Land Surveyor with over 20 years of experience in Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Land Use Planning. Both his field and office Work experience have dealt with a wide range of projects and sites... Learn More ›

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Accident Reconstruction & Safety FAQs

What is an accident reconstruction & safety expert witness?

An accident reconstruction and safety expert witness is a professional with specialized knowledge and training to analyze and provide expert testimony on the causes and prevention of accidents, including vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and other incidents resulting in damages, injury, or death.

What is the role of an accident reconstruction & safety expert witness?

A accident reconstruction & safety expert witness has the role of investigating accidents to determine the cause, and providing testimony in court.

How much can a person make as an accident reconstruction & safety expert witness?

Accident reconstruction & safety expert witnesses may charge anywhere from $150 to $400 or more per hour, depending on such factors as their level of expertise, knowledge, location, and availability. The exact fee is negotiated between the expert and the attorney involved in the case.

What are the qualifications of an accident reconstruction & safety expert witness?

The qualifications necessary to be an expert witness in accident reconstruction & safety involve having a strong background and expertise in the field. This may include education and training in engineering, physics, or another relevant discipline, as well as practical experience in accident investigation, analysis, and reconstruction. In some cases, certification in accident reconstruction may also be required.

What type of evidence is gathered in a legal proceeding by an accident reconstruction & safety expert witness?

An accident reconstruction and safety expert witness gathers physical evidence, witness statements, and data from various sources to provide a detailed analysis of the accident and determine liability.

What type of cases involve the testimony of an accident reconstruction & safety expert witness?

Cases involving motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, product liability, and premises liability often require the testimony of an accident reconstruction and safety expert witness to determine liability and assess damages.