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Please locate the medical records expert witness you are searching for by clicking on the following links. Experts found here may consult on issues involving medical record review, health records, and medical charts. These experts may provide reports regarding patient's medical history, patient's health history, internal hospital auditing, and personal health records. Consultants found here may also provide expert witness testimony on issues including electronic medical records, medical examination findings, medical billing information,and medical document examination, as well as related issues.

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Michael F Arrigo (No World Borders, Inc. (Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Denver, St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Boston, Nashville, Miami))
Legal Experience - Affirmed by two Federal Judges as Expert, Two State Judges and Arbitrators. Expert has never been excluded. (See separate document for list of cases, testimony, basis for opinions). U.S. District Judge Lew in the Central District,... Learn More ›

Kelly S. Harvey, MS, DPT, TPS, CLCP, CFCE (Harvey Medical Legal Consulting)
Dr. Harvey founded Harvey Medical Legal Consulting in 2012 to offer her orthopedic trauma, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury expertise. Dr. Harvey serves the legal industry as a Life Care Planner, Forensic Analyst, Damages Expert and Medical... Learn More ›

Consolidated Consultants
Consolidated Consultants (CCc) continues to deliver high quality expert witness and medical expert witness referrals nationwide since 1995. CCc is the only referral service where you can view the full, redacted CV on-line prior to contacting us. Our directory... Learn More ›

Larry Fishman (Larry Fishman, M.D., P.A. Neurological Surgery)
If you have difficulties with day-to-day activities because of chronic back pain or recurring headaches, our spinal surgeon can help you get back to a normal, healthy life. Neurological Surgery is a medical office in Brandon, Florida, with a highly practiced... Learn More ›

L. Lamar Blount - CPA/CFF, FHFMA (HLN - Health Law Network)
Health Law Network (HLN) provides experts in medical billing, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, health insurance, false claims, regulatory compliance, clinical documentation, medical records, ICD & CPT coding, hospital and professional billing, reasonableness... Learn More ›
R. Michael Kroeger (Merit Medical Evaluations)
Location: Nebraska
Areas of Expertise: Dr. R. Michael Kroeger is a Board Certified Urologist and has served in a respected private practice in Omaha for over 40 years. Dr. Kroeger completed his residency at the University of Oregon Health Sciences...
Edward Fehringer (Merit Medical Evaluations)
Location: Nebraska
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Edward Fehringer is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. Before practicing in Nebraska, he completed his Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Fellowship at the University of Washington....
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Jacqueline Bloink has been on the business side of healthcare since the mid 1990's. Her actual hands on experience includes healthcare operations, medical coding / billing manager, compliance officer,...
Lora Princ, MD, MBA (Dr. Lora Princ LLC)
Location: Minnesota
Areas of Expertise: My name is Dr. Lora Princ (pronounced "Prince"). I am a board-certified OBGYN and fellow of ACOG, in practice in the Minneapolis metro area since 2005. I received my MBA with a focus in healthcare management...
Steven A Campau MD
Location: Illinois
Areas of Expertise: I am a Board Certified Internal Medicine for 25 years with experience in Outpatient Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, and mold litigation. My diagnostic abilities are excellent....
Bernice Zander, BS, RHIT, CCS (Abacus Analytics)
Location: Nevada
Areas of Expertise: Bernice L. Zander is a highly experienced healthcare finance professional, holding leadership roles for over 35 years in health information management. She has a strong educational background, with a B.S....
Ian Crabb (Merit Medical Evaluations)
Location: Nebraska
Areas of Expertise: Before coming to Omaha in 1996, Dr. Crabb received training in Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Rochester. He then served as an attending at the US Naval Medical Center San Diego, teaching Hand...
Krista Dillon (Tennoh Legal Nurse Consulting)
Location: Tennessee
Areas of Expertise: Ms. Krista Dillon is an active practicing Registered Nurse with over 20 years experience. She has vast experience including Medical/ Surgical, Critical Care, and currently Emergency Room and Nursing Supervision....
Lois Hawkins, RN CLCP (Hawkins Forensic Consulting, Inc)
Location: Arizona
Areas of Expertise: LIFE CARE PLANNING We evaluate cases involving children and adults with complex, catastrophic injuries, as well as less serious injuries throughout the United States. We specialize in medical and vocational...
Omar David Hussamy, M.D. (Orthopedic Surgeon)
Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: As a Medical Witness, Dr. Omar Hussamy will objectively review all materials submitted by counsel and then present a credible and professional opinion at deposition and trial. That opinion will be presented...
Susanna Von Essen (Merit Medical Evaluations)
Location: Nebraska
Areas of Expertise: A published expert in her field, Dr. Von Essen has over 35 years as an expert in pulmonary medicine. She has served as a leader in medicine through her work as a professor of Internal Medicine at the University...
Neal C Small (Orthopedic Expert Services)
Location: Texas
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Neal Small is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with over 30 years of clinical practice. Dr. Small has performed over 15,000 orthopedic surgery procedures. Dr. Small has extensive nationwide experience...
Joseph S Sanfilippo (University of Pittsburgh)
Location: Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Have provided Expert witness expertise for plaintiff and defendant since 1986 Tenured professor of obstetrics ,gynecology and reproductive sciences Distinguished alumnus from medical school at major...
Terrell J Swanson (Swanson Emergency Medical Services)
Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: I am an Emergency Medicine (EM) physician and have been practicing EM full-time for over 15 years. I currently work in freestanding Emergency Departments (EDs) in both urban and rural areas, which are...
Steven J Helfand
Location: New York
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Helfand is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of direct Correctional Mental Health and Health leadership experience. He has overseen the mental health and health service delivery in over 50...
Michelle Myers Glower
Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: Michelle has been a registered nurse for over 25 years, specializing in ER, Medical Surgical and Long Term care. She is currently a clinical instructor, actively practicing in the hospital setting teaching...
Paul Conte (Merit Medical Evaluations)
Location: Iowa and Nebraska
Areas of Expertise: Before he began practicing in clinical medicine, Dr. Paul Conte completed his residency and fellowship in Cardiothoracic at UW Madison. His specialties include general surgery, vascular surgery, and thoracic...
Christopher W Bader
Location: New Jersey
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Bader has been Board Certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) since 2009. His scope of practice has been focused on inpatient hospital (hospitalist) medicine since...
Ajit Dhavle (Quandary Peak Research)
Location: District of Columbia
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Ajit Dhavle is the Vice President of Health IT Audits and Life Science at Quandary Peak Research, where he oversees a team of health informatics experts to provide Strategy, Management, Product Management,...
Jay Grossman
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: As of Dec 2022: I have been deposed over 100 times; reviewed over 975 cases for both defense and plaintiff including peer review, accidents, and malpractice. 52% defense / 48% plaintiff. I have qualified...
Sandeep Krishnan (SKK Holdings, LLC)
Location: Kentucky
Areas of Expertise: Sandeep Krishnan, MD, FACC, FSCAI is a structural and interventional cardiologist with 12 years experience in the field of medicine. His mission is to provide an accurate, detailed, and high quality assessment...
Paul M. Been
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Paul Been is a board certified emergency medicine physician (ABEM) and a staff emergency physician at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, IL. Dr. Been's long-term role as chairperson for a large health...
Akram Alashari
Location: Michigan
Areas of Expertise: Dual board-certified in general surgery and surgical critical care. Fellowship-trained trauma surgeon. Trauma Medical Director and Department of Surgery Chair of ACS-verified Level II Trauma Center....
Linda Bernard, RN, CCHP-RN (Linda Bernard Consulting)
Location: Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Linda Bernard Consulting provides an array of independent consulting services to attorneys, jails, prisons and insurance carriers. Services include development and/or review of Correctional Health Care, ...
Beau Konigsberg (Merit Medical Evaluations)
Location: Nebraska
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Beau Konigsberg is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine where he now serves as an Associate...
Desiree Williams, PT, DPT (A Plus Care Home Health & Mobile Therapy)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Desiree Williams, PT, DPT is Chief Executive Officer, Owner, and Administrator of a Medicare-Certified Home Health Agency accredited by ACHC as well as a Mobile Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy...
Keith J Pelletier (Trinity Health of New England )
Location: Connecticut
Areas of Expertise: My name is Dr. Keith J. Pelletier PhD, MBA, MHS, CCP, LP. I have been working in the healthcare industry for about 15 years in both clinical and administration roles. I have developed and led...
Howard Randal Woodward (Merit Medical Evaluations)
Location: Nebraska
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Howard Randal Woodward is an established physician with over 40 years of experience as an orthopedic spine surgeon. He independently owned a comprehensive spine and pain care center in the Omaha area....
Phillip Beron M.D. (Board Certified Radiation Oncologist)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Active Board Certified Radiation Oncologist with extensive teaching experience Chair of a National Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance Committee (ASTRO) Former Chief Quality Officer Dept of Radiation...
Andrew Holm-Hansen (Quandary Peak Research)
Location: Tennessee
Areas of Expertise: Andrew Holm-Hansen is a software expert specializing in Health Information Technology. He has performed in-depth analysis and conducted rigorous audits of software quality and regulatory compliance on...
Aaron J Costantino (Emergency Medical Specialist, Pc)
Location: Colorado
Areas of Expertise: My name is Aaron, I've been in emergency medicine for over 15 years as an EMT, paramedic and now serving as an emergency medicine physician assistant. I've had the opportunity to serve as an expert witness...
Medical Records FAQs

What is a medical records expert witness?

A medical records expert witness is a professional who possesses expertise in medical recordkeeping and documentation. The expert witness is familiar with the standards of medical recordkeeping, medical terminology, and the proper procedures for creating and maintaining medical records

What is the role of a medical records expert witness?

A medical records expert witness provides testimony on the use, interpretation, and maintenance of medical records.

How much can a person make as a medical records expert witness?

Medical records expert witnesses can earn anywhere from $200 to $450 or more per hour, based on the particulars of the case, and the type of expert work needed.

What are the qualifications of a medical records expert witness?

A medical records expert witness has knowledge of medical recordkeeping practices, policies, and regulations, including confidentiality and access requirements.

What type of evidence is reviewed in a lawsuit by a medical records expert witness?

A medical records expert witness reviews various types of evidence, including medical records, test results, and other relevant documents to provide an opinion on the standard of care provided by healthcare professionals.

What type of lawsuit might require the testimony of a medical records expert witness?

A medical malpractice lawsuit may require the testimony of a medical records expert witness to provide insight into the standard of care and potential negligence of healthcare providers.