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Please locate the sales expert witness you are searching for by clicking on the following links. Sales experts found on this page may consult on issues involving sales channels, sales managers, and deceptive selling practices. Consultants found through these areas of expertise may provide reports regarding cost of sales, sales promotions, and sales forecasting. They may also provide expert witness testimony on retail sales and sales revenues, as well as related topics.

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Larry Steven Londre (Londre Marketing Consultants / USC / Pepperdine / CSUN)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Marketing Expert; Business and Advertising Expert, since 2002. Problem Solver. Nationally known and respected Marketing, Advertising professional in both practice and theory. Business, Marketing and Media...
Jane Richardson, PhD ( Communication & Organization Consultant, Expert Witness, #1 Best Selling Author)
Location: Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Jane Richardson, PhD specializes in effective communication. She will distinguish between effective & ineffective communication and make the complex message clear. Educated in both the United States...
Allen L. Ehrlich (Ehrlich Consulting Group, Inc. )
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Allen Ehrlich, MBA, CPA has over 30 years commercial experience in medical and diagnostic device product management and development, marketing, sales, operations, distribution and finance as an individual...
Dereck Tatman
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Tatman is a Ph.D. chemist with over 25 years of global experience in the biotech, pharma, and diagnostic space. Dr. Tatman has extensive experience in new product and franchise strategy, laboratory...
JULES H KAMIN (ValuEconomics, Inc.)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Jules Kamin received his Ph.D. in business economics, finance and management science from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, rated #1. He is an expert on economic damages. He...
ForensisGroup, Inc. (The Expert of Experts)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: For over 30 years, ForensisGroup has provided the nation’s top law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government entities with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Experts referred by...
Michael A Kamins (Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management )
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Kamins is a Professor of Marketing and Director of Research. He has also taught at USC for 25 years and at NYU. His expertise is in Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Survey Research and CELEBRITY...
Lloyd D. Rae (Westchester Investments & Consulting)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Offices in New York and Los Angeles. Lloyd D. Rae, Senior Partner and Expert Witness for Westchester Investments and Consulting LP has over 25 years of experience in the car rental and automobile business,...
Consolidated Consultants
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Consolidated Consultants (CCc) continues to deliver high quality expert witness and medical expert witness referrals nationwide since 1995. CCc is the only referral service where you can view the full,...
Vincent P. Richardson
Location: Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Vincent Richardson is an experienced expert witness with over 35 years in the coal industry and 14 years as an underground mine manager. His expertise includes operational and engineering challenges in...
Michael F Stone, CTIE, CPCU (Gestation, Inc.)
Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: Michael Stone is an experienced travel and tourism industry expert, with extensive hands-on operating experience in travel agency, tour operating, cruise, transportation, tourism, and hospitality operations....
Sales FAQs

What is a sales expert witness?

A sales expert witness is a person who has experience in sales practices, operations, and regulations. They provide testimony in legal cases involving sales disputes, such as contract disputes, deceptive trade practices, and intellectual property infringement.

What is the role of a sales expert witness?

A sales expert witness provides expert testimony and opinion on issues related to sales practices and strategies, including sales force management, channel management, and customer relations.

How much can a person make as a sales expert witness?

Sales expert witnesses can receive income in the range from $250 to $450 per hour or greater, as determined by the case, and the work involved.

What are the qualifications of a sales expert witness?

Sales expert witnesses should possess a strong understanding of sales operations, customer relationship management, and sales strategy.

What type of evidence is gathered in a lawsuit by a sales expert witness?

A sales expert witness may gather evidence such as sales data, market research, customer feedback, and industry standards to support their testimony in a lawsuit.

In what type of cases might expert testimony be heard from a sales expert witness?

Expert testimony from a sales expert witness may be heard in cases involving breach of contract, product liability, intellectual property disputes, and other matters related to sales and marketing practices.