Jane Richardson, PhD

Communication & Organization Consultant, Expert Witness, #1 Best Selling Author
Pittsburgh, PA 15301
Office: 814-397-1597

Jane Richardson, PhD specializes in effective communication. She will distinguish between effective & ineffective communication and make the complex message clear.

Educated in both the United States and France, Jane has a strong understanding of the communication process. She has worked with several of the most published researchers in the field of interpersonal and non-verbal communication. In 2003, Jane founded Clearly Communicating, LLC which provides highly specialized communication solutions to private companies, government agencies, and legal communities.

Areas of expertise include:
- Effective Communication
- Nonverbal Communication
- Interpersonal Communication
- Organizational Communication
- Persuasion
- Listening

Having published several #1 Amazon International Best-Selling books in the field of communication, Jane is also a prolific author. Her books are so popular they reached #1 in several categories and countries around the world including:

1. COURAGEOUS WORLD CATALYSTS: 36 Inspirational Stories by Changemakers on their Missions for Global Impact
#1 in USA, #1 in Canada, #1 in Australia

2. RISING ABOVE: Business Leaders Going Beyond Boundaries to Grab Success
#1 in USA, #1 in France, #1 in Australia

3. COURAGEOUS WORLD CATALYSTS II: 11 Inspirational Stories by Changemakers on their Missions for Global Impact
#1 in USA, #1 in France, #1 in Australia, #1 in UK

Jane has decades of experience working as a Fortune 500 consultant, Capitol Hill professional, college teacher, and volunteer for organizations including:

U.S. Presidential Campaign
U.S. House of Representatives
Honorable Tom Ridge
Honorable Robert Badham
Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
City Mission / Hope for the Homeless
Goodwill Industries International
Industrial Sales & Manufacturing
Arnold Palmer Spirit of Hope
Little Dresses for Africa
WVU University

Jane Richardson, PhD also specializes in The KonMari Method™ - An innovative approach to decluttering, reorganizing, and reconnecting with your belongings. As a Certified KonMari Consultant™, her goal is to elevate the way you feel and function in your space to correspond with a happy and joyful lifestyle.

Jane Richardson, PhD is committed to providing the highest quality of professional service with integrity and confidentiality. Her opinions, communication, and organizing solutions are supported by extensive education and experience. Take advantage of Jane's individualized approach and receive the personalized attention you deserve. No communication or organizing project is too small, or the deadline is too short.

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Areas of Expertise
  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Marketing
  • Sales


References upon request.