New York Police & Penal Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses who are available to consult and testify regarding police and penal issues may be found here. These consultants may advise concerning police procedures, police traffic radar, and polygraph & lie detector testing. Experts found on this page may provide reports involving crime scene analysis, criminology, and the use of deadly & excessive force. They can also testify regarding jails, prisons, and law enforcement, as well as related topics.

Expert Witnesses

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Featured Experts
Ron Martinelli (Martinelli & Associates: Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc.)
Referred to by respected and experienced law enforcement and security civil and criminal attorneys as “The expert’s expert.” Representing agency defense and concerned plaintiff and criminal defense attorneys since 1991. On the prevailing side in over... Learn More ›

Charles Ahmad, CPP (Group Nine Risk Consulting)
Charlie is the founding partner of Group Nine Risk Consulting, a firm specializing in security risk management, forensic consulting, and security training. He founded Group Nine Risk Consulting following a long and successful military and federal law... Learn More ›

Scott A. DeFoe (On-Scene Consulting Group, LLC)
Retired Sergeant II+1 Los Angeles Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). I worked numerous assignments during my 29-year law enforcement career to include: SWAT, K9, Vice, Narcotics, Jail Operations, Internal Affairs, Gangs, Crisis Negotiation... Learn More ›

Christopher Darcy (Fairfax Consulting Group, LLC.)
Chris, a retired undersheriff from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department with more than 32 years of experience, is particularly qualified to provide an evidence-based case assessment and render a quality expert opinion. Christopher has highly relevant... Learn More ›

Park Dietz (Park Dietz & Associates, Inc.)
PD&A offers forensic experts in psychiatry, psychology, neuropsychology, neurology, pathology, nursing, social work, criminal behavior analysis, police, corrections, security, and toxicology. For the 25 years we've been operating as a group we've consistently... Learn More ›

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Police & Penal FAQs

What is a police & penal expert witness?

A police & penal expert witness is a legal professional with specialized knowledge and experience in law enforcement and the criminal justice system, providing expert testimony in legal cases related to policing, corrections, and criminal investigations

What is the role of a police & penal expert witness?

Police and penal expert witnesses offer opinions on law enforcement, correctional facility operations, and related practices.

How much can a person make as a police & penal expert witness?

Police & penal expert witnesses may be compensated in the range from $250 to $450 per hour, or higher in some cases. The final fee is negotiated between the expert witness and the retaining attorney.

What are the qualifications of a police & penal expert witness?

A Police & Penal Expert Witness should be a licensed law enforcement officer or criminal justice professional with specialized training and experience in police procedures and penal practices, and possess knowledge of relevant laws and regulations.

For a lawsuit, what type of evidence is gathered and reviewed by a police & penal expert witness?

A police & penal expert witness may gather and review evidence such as police reports, witness statements, forensic evidence, and any other relevant documentation to provide expert testimony in a lawsuit.

What type of cases involve the testimony of a police & penal expert witness?

Cases involving criminal investigations, law enforcement procedures, use of force, and penal system operations may require the testimony of a police and penal expert witness.