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Robert S. Brown (Forensicpsychiatry.com)
Unique Credentials - Enhanced Analysis: IME Doctor licensed in Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Dr. Robert Brown is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, and Forensic Psychiatry. He holds a continuing faculty appointment at the... Learn More ›

Maureen A. Clark (Three Sixty HR, Inc.)
I have been consulting with organizations of all sizes and types for more than three decades. My deep understanding of employment issues and track record of developing practical, workable HR solutions makes me invaluable to our clients and a rich resource... Learn More ›

Jason C. Purinton (VOCATIONAL PROS, LLC)
Based in the Midwest with a national presence, Vocational Pros is full service vocational rehabilitation practice. As a trusted vocational expert, I provide meticulous vocational evaluations and damage assessments. I have experience in workers' compensation,... Learn More ›

Steve C Imber, LLC (Psychoeducational Consultants)
A Special Education expert for five decades, Dr. Imber served as a professor in his field from 1973 until 2021. He serves as a special education advocate, consultant to attorneys, parents and schools. He is a special education independent educational evaluator and a special education expert witness. Learn More ›

Jessica Chaudhary
Harvard and Yale trained Board Certified psychiatrist with treating conditions such as anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, attention deficit disorders, women's mental health issues, substance use disorders, psychosis, and dementia with behavioral... Learn More ›
Danielle Dieterich, MA, JD (Robson Forensic Inc.)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Danielle Dieterich is a Supervised Care & Behavioral Health Expert with two decades of experience in the management of clinical programs and residential care facilities including day habilitation, community...
Sanjay G. Adhia, MD (Adhia & Associates, Forensic Psychiatry)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Adhia is a triple Board-Certified Forensic Psychiatrist based in Houston, TX. He testifies nationally. He is uniquely Board-Certified in Forensic Psychiatry and Brain Injury Medicine in civil, criminal,...
Mark I. Levy, MD, DLFAPA (Medical Director of Forensic Psychiatric Associates, L.P., a nationwide expert witness firm)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Forensic Psychiatric Associates, L.P. (fpamed) is a national consulting firm with offices in California, Nevada and North Carolina assisting litigating attorneys. The firm includes 15 board certified forensic...
Howard J. Friedman, PhD, ABPP (Forensic Psychiatric Associates, L.P.)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Friedman is a forensic psychologist who is a member of Forensic Psychiatric Associates Medical Corp (www.fpamed.com) a national forensic psychiatric and psychological consulting practice. Dr. Howard...
ForensisGroup, Inc. (The Expert of Experts)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: For over 30 years, ForensisGroup has provided the nation’s top law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government entities with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Experts referred by...
Disability FAQs

What is a disability expert witness?

A disability expert witness is an individual who provides testimony in court cases related to disability. They may have specialized training or experience in areas such as disability law, medicine, rehabilitation, or assistive technology, among other issues.

What is the role of a disability expert witness?

A disability expert witness provides testimony and opinion based on their knowledge of disability law and practices, including accommodations, accessibility, and discrimination.

How much can a person make as a disability expert witness?

Disability expert witnesses can be compensated from $200 to $450 per hour or higher, with some circumstances calling for more. The amount is agreed upon by the expert and the retaining attorney.

What are the qualifications of a disability expert witness?

A disability expert witness should be a medical professional with expertise in disability evaluation, rehabilitation, and treatment.

In legal proceedings, what evidence is reviewed by a disability expert witness?

A disability expert witness reviews medical records, diagnostic tests, and other relevant evidence to provide an opinion on the claimant's disability and its impact on their ability to work.

In what type of cases would there be testimony from a disability expert witness?

Disability expert witnesses may provide testimony in cases involving disability discrimination, Social Security disability claims, personal injury claims, and cases related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).