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Radiation Oncology Expert Witnesses who are available to consult and testify can be found here. These Radiation Oncology Experts found on this page may consult on issues involving Radiotherapy, Radiation injury, Radiation Safety, Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy, Dosimetry, Brachytherapy, Novalis/Brainlab Stereotactic Body Therapy, Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy, and X-rays. These experts found here may provide reports regarding the work of Radiation Oncologists, Radiation Therapists, Radiologic Technologists, Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists, and/or Radiation Oncology Nurses. Experts here may be familiar with issues involving Bladder Cancer, Brain Cancer, Brain tumor, Head and Neck Cancer, Breast Cancer, Cervix Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Oesophageal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Mesothelioma, Thyroid Eye Disease, Uterine Cancer, Lymphoma, Skin Cancer and Melanoma, Stereotactic radiosurgery, Stomach Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Thyroid Cancer. They may also provide expert witness testimony concerning Delayed Diagnosis, Leukaemia, Mammosite, Meningioma, Palliative Treatment, Pituitary Adenoma, Prostate Moderate Hypofractionation, Sarcomas, and Vestibular Schwannoma (Acoustic Neuroma), among other topics.

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Richard R. Jacobs, M.D. (Tumor Therapy, LLC)

Richard R. Jacobs, M.D. (Tumor Therapy, LLC)

Richard R. Jacobs, MD, is board certified in radiation oncology by the American Board of Radiology. He has over 28 years of practice experience, is an expert in Novalis/Brainlab Stereotactic Body Therapy, and Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy, with clinical... Learn More ›

ForensisGroup, Inc. (The Expert of Experts)

Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: For over 20 years, ForensisGroup has provided the nation’s top law firms, insurance agencies, government entities and many other industries with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Experts...

Robert B Sklaroff (Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D.)

Location: Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: I analyze cases from both the internal medicine and specialty perspectives, for plaintiffs/defendants and for managed-care insurers; as a result, my expert-reports identify core-issues subject to litigation...

Michael S. Gossman, M.S., DABR, FAAPM, FACR* (Tri-State Regional Cancer Center)

Location: Kentucky
Areas of Expertise: I am the Chief Medical Physicist in Radiation Oncology at a facility in Ashland, KY. I am responsible for all scientific and technical aspects of imaging, treatment and radiation safety and am the highest...

Richard A Honaker (email: Honaker@aol.com)

Location: Virginia
Areas of Expertise: Richard A. Honaker, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. is Board Certified in Family Medicine and provides expert case review/analysis and expert witness testimony regarding Family Practice and General Medicine cases. He...

kenneth l pennington

Location: Indiana
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Pennington is a board certified medical oncologist with extensive clinical experience, providing oncology services for over 30 years in the community setting. He has also been an active participant...

Daniel Cousin M.D. (Harvard/Yale/Columbia-Trained, Dual-Boarded Radiologist, FREE initial curbside, cell:(646) 303-3125, 24-hr turnaround on consults )

Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Daniel Cousin is a board-certified, fellowship-trained expert in Diagnostic Radiology, the Clinical Director for a private radiology practice in Florida, and has almost 15 years of experience in the...

Consolidated Consultants

Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Consolidated Consultants (CCc) continues to deliver high quality expert witness and medical expert witness referrals nationwide since 1995. CCc is the only referral service where you can view the full,...

Elite Medical Experts

Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Elite Medical Experts is a physician-based firm specializing exclusively in medical litigation. Our one goal is to align top-tier university professors with the legal community. We secure experts for medical litigation from every medical and surgical speciality.

American Medical Forensic Specialists

Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: MEDICAL EXPERTS FOR MALPRACTICE & PERSONAL INJURY CASES AMFS is America's premier medical expert witness and consulting company. We are a trusted partner with the legal community and provide a superior method of retaining medical experts.

David G. Mohler, MD (Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine)

Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Mohler is Chief of the Musculoskeletal Tumor Service at Stanford University Medical Center, holding the rank of Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. He...

Medical Advisors, Inc./Technical Network Consulting Service

Location: Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Your Link To Americas Most Qualified Experts! Get the right Expert and the right Service! Medical Advisors, Inc. provides top ranked Board Certified physicians and academicians in all medical specialties....

Phillip J Beron (UCLA)

Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Phillip Beron, MD is a board certified Radiation Oncologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology at UCLA. Dr. Beron is the Chief Quality Officer in the Department of Radiation Oncology...

Stephen B. Shohet, MD. (Professor Of Medicine)

Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Shohet is Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Laboratory Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. He is licensed in California and has served on several national hematology committees....

Carlos M Torres (Expert Pathology Consultation Services)

Location: Texas
Areas of Expertise: Expertise in: 1. Pathobiology, clinico-pathologic correlation, and histopathologic diagnosis of diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum, anus, liver, and pancreas. 2. Pathobiology,...

Sajeve Samuel Thomas (University of Florida Health Cancer Centers Orlando Health; Thomas and Chander Medical Consulting LLC)

Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: Sajeve S. Thomas, MD, is a board-certified medical oncologist and hematologist at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center. He specializes in the treatment of melanoma, sarcoma and gastrointestinal malignancies. Dr....

Darko Pucar (Yale University)

Location: Connecticut
Areas of Expertise: Expert Witness in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Associate Professor of Radiology at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, and Augusta University, Augusta, Georgia. 10+ years in practice. Nationally...

Claire L. Buchanan, MD, FACS

Location: Washington
Areas of Expertise: Board certified, fellowship trained breast cancer surgeon practicing at a high volume cancer center, provides medical record review, expert opinion and, if needed, expert witness testimony. Please call...

Judy L Schmidt MD FACP (Quality Cancer Care)

Location: Montana
Areas of Expertise: I am a Mayo Clinic trained, triple board certified (Internal Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology) Hematologist/Oncologist with over 30 years of clinical medical practice experience and over 20 years...

National Medical Consultants, P.C.

Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: National Medical Consultants, P.C. is the premiere medical review team from some of the finest institutions in the country. Initial screening based on the summary of your medical malpractice case is always...

Oncology Experts

Areas of Expertise: Elite Medical Experts is a physician-based firm that identifies and aligns practicing, top-tier, Board Certified oncology professors as expert witnesses with legal professionals. These practicing oncologists not only know the standard of care, they define it