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Dr. / Professor J. Rasty, Ph.D., PE, CFEI, CFII, President & CEO (Real World Forensic Engineering)
Location: Texas
Areas of Expertise: Since 1988, Real-World Forensic Engineering, LLC (“RWFE”) has provided engineering services to industries and government labs, as well as litigation support to both plaintiff and defense attorneys practicing...
Scott Wilton, P.E. (The Falcon Group)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Mr. Wilton is a Senior Engineer for the Firm, specializing in the evaluation and design of building and site improvements for residential and commercial properties; and owner representation with respect...
Thomas J Lodge, AIA, NCARB (Robson Forensic, Inc.)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Thomas Lodge is a versatile and accomplished registered Architect with 30 years of broad professional experience in design, construction detailing, and construction administration for a multitude of project...
Consolidated Consultants
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Consolidated Consultants (CCc) continues to deliver high quality expert witness and medical expert witness referrals nationwide since 1995. CCc is the only referral service where you can view the full,...
James Derby (Robson Forensic)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: James Derby Ceramic Scientist & Failure Analysis Expert James Derby is a ceramic materials scientist with extensive experience in tribology and failure analysis. James has extensive experience in processing...
ForensisGroup, Inc. (The Expert of Experts)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: For over 30 years, ForensisGroup has provided the nation’s top law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government entities with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Experts referred by...
Mark E. Williams, AIA, NCARB (Robson Forensic, Inc.)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: MARK E. WILLIAMS, AIA, NCARB Premises Safety, Construction Claims, & Architect Professional Liability Mr. Williams brings over 30 years of practical experience preparing construction documents and...
Glass FAQs

What is a glass expert witness?

A glass expert witness is a person who has specialized knowledge in the area of glass and its properties. They are often called upon to give testimony in legal cases involving glass. Their testimony can be used to help determine the cause of an accident or to identify a piece of glass.

What is the role of a glass expert witness?

The role of a glass expert witness is to provide specialized knowledge and expertise in the performance, manufacturing, and safety of glass products in a legal matter.

How much can a person make as a glass expert witness?

Glass expert witnesses can expect to earn anywhere from $200 to $450 or more per hour, based on the situation. The final fee arrangement will be agreed upon between the expert and retaining lawyer.

What are the qualifications of a glass expert witness?

A glass expert witness should have knowledge of glass manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, and be able to provide opinions on issues such as defects, warranties, and industry standards.

In a lawsuit, what type of evience is reviewed by a glass expert witness?

A glass expert witness would review evidence related to the properties, manufacturing, and installation of glass, as well as any damage or defects that may have contributed to the incident in question.

What type of cases typically involve the testimony of a glass expert witness?

Cases involving glass expert witnesses typically include accidents or crimes where glass is involved, such as car accidents, broken windows, or shattered glass in a crime scene.