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Expert witnesses and consultants who may testify on all aspects of fingerprints may be located on this page. The professionals found here may consult regarding computer enhancement of finger prints, automated fingerprint systems, and the evaluation of fingerprint evidence. These fingerprint experts may provide reports and expert witness testimony regarding latent fingerprints, matched prints fingerprints, and unique finger marks, as well as related issues.

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Featured Experts
Kourosh Nikoui (Nikoui & Associates - FISC, LLC)
Welcome to Nikoui and Associates, Forensic Identification Services & Consulting, LLC, your trusted source for expert witness services in the field of forensic identification, which includes fingerprint analysis, comparison and processing, crime scene... Learn More ›
Larry F Stewart (Global Forensic Services, LLC)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Global Forensic Services, LLC (formerly Stewart Forensic Consultants, LLC) is an independent laboratory and consulting firm providing investigation, forensic and litigation support to individuals, companies...
Frank R. Vanecek (Full Spectrum Investigations and Consulting)
Location: Washington
Areas of Expertise: Police Practices Expert with over 38 years of law enforcement experience at city, county, state and federal level California Private Investigator and member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators....
Consolidated Consultants
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Consolidated Consultants (CCc) continues to deliver high quality expert witness and medical expert witness referrals nationwide since 1995. CCc is the only referral service where you can view the full,...
Gerald LaPorte (Riley Welch LaPorte & Associates Forensic Laboratories Inc.)
Location: Michigan
Areas of Expertise: Riley, Welch, LaPorte & Associates Forensic Laboratories, Inc. specializes in forensic document examinations including handwriting analysis, forgery, the chemical analysis of writing and printing inks,...
Kenneth R Moses (Forensic I.D. Services, LLC)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Kenneth R. Moses has 50 years of experience in forensic evidence. Specialist in criminal defense and Innocence Projects nationwide. Graduate of U.C.Berkeley established the Crime Scene Investigations Unit...
ForensisGroup, Inc. (The Expert of Experts)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: For over 30 years, ForensisGroup has provided the nation’s top law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government entities with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Experts referred by...
Fingerprints FAQs

What is a fingerprints expert witness?

A fingerprints expert witness is a professional who has specialized knowledge and experience in the analysis, comparison, and evaluation of fingerprints as part of legal proceedings.

What is the role of a fingerprints expert witness?

A fingerprints expert witness is a professional who provides expert testimony on matters related to fingerprints, such as identification, analysis, and comparison.

How much can a person make as a fingerprints expert witness?

Fingerprints expert witnesses can earn in the range from $175 to $450 per hour, with some circumstances calling for more. The expert and retaining attorney will agree upon the amount, which is usually put in a retainer agreement.

What are the qualifications of a fingerprints expert witness?

A fingerprints expert witness is qualified to analyze and compare fingerprints for use in legal proceedings.

What type of evidence is gathered in a lawsuit by a fingerprints expert witness?

A fingerprints expert witness gathers physical evidence such as fingerprints, palm prints, and footprints to analyze and compare them to determine if they match the prints found at the crime scene.

In what type of cases would there be testimony from a fingerprints expert witness?

Fingerprint expert witnesses may testify in cases involving burglary, theft, assault, and homicide, where fingerprints are found at the crime scene or on the weapon used in the crime.