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Richard A Stripp (American Scientific Consultants Corp)
With internationally recognized experts, ASC delivers impartial scientific evaluation of the role of drug and chemical exposure in civil and criminal litigation. ASC expert toxicologists have extensive expertise in the toxicological exposure, effects,... Learn More ›

Theodore J Menadier BSBA, MBA (Approach One LLC)
Cannabis Industry (Marijuana/Hemp) Cultivation, Facility, Propagation, Testing --7 Years of experience in hemp and marijuana I have experience in providing opinions in both State and Federal Court. My mix of industry experience and education make... Learn More ›

Michael McCabe Jr., Ph.D., DABT (Exigent Group Limited)
Dr. McCabe is an internationally trained and nationally recognized scientist with a proven track record of accomplishment in toxicology and related disciplines. He has broad-based knowledge and possesses a depth of understanding and experience necessary... Learn More ›

Dr. Jones is board-certified in addiction medicine and emergency medicine, and has treated more than 60,000 patients during a 20-year career. He is a graduate of the Emergency Medicine Residency at University of Mississippi Medical Center and Addiction... Learn More ›

Paul Abato (Paul Abato Consulting)
PHARMACEUTICAL EXPERIENCE Dr. Abato is a Medicinal Chemist. His expertise includes drug research, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, drug formulation for; IT, IV, IP, ICV, IN, IM and oral dosing routs, stability studies, extensive structure-activity... Learn More ›
Michael J. Whitekus PhD, DABT (Robson Forensic, Inc.)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Whitekus is a board certified toxicologist and applies his broad expertise in drug safety evaluation and toxicology (over 25 years) to his forensic practice involving adverse drug and alcohol events...
Marijuana FAQs

What is a marijuana expert witness?

A marijuana expert witness is someone who is knowledgeable about all aspects of cannabis, including the medical marijuana industry, alternative medicine, cannabis business, drug testing, drug abuse, cancer treatment, pain management, and adverse drug effects.

What is the role of a marijuana expert witness?

A marijuana expert witness provides expert testimony on issues related to the use, cultivation, and regulation of marijuana.

How much can a person make as a marijuana expert witness?

Marijuana expert witnesses may be compensated in the range from $175 to $400 per hour or greater, depending on the type of work the expert is asked to perform.

What are the qualifications of a marijuana expert witness?

A marijuana expert witness should have a strong background in cannabis, including its effects, laws, and regulations, and should have the ability to analyze, interpret and testify in court.

What type of evidence is gathered in a lawsuit by a marijuana expert witness?

A marijuana expert witness may gather evidence such as scientific studies, industry standards, and personal experience to provide testimony in a lawsuit related to cannabis.

What type of evidence is gathered in a legal proceeding by a marijuana expert witness?

A marijuana expert witness may gather and present evidence related to the plant's chemical composition, cultivation, distribution, and effects on individuals and society in a legal proceeding.

What type of cases might require opinions from a marijuana expert witness?

Cases involving marijuana cultivation, distribution, possession, and use, as well as cases related to medical marijuana, cannabis industry regulations, and the effects of marijuana on individuals and society may require opinions from a marijuana expert witness.

What type of lawsuit might require the testimony of a marijuana expert witness?

A lawsuit involving medical marijuana, cannabis cultivation, or drug testing could require the testimony of a marijuana expert witness to provide specialized knowledge and opinions on the subject matter.