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Find jury/trial consultants by clicking on the following links. The professionals found through this page may opine regarding evidence presentation, trial consulting, witness preparation, exhibits, and jury research. These experts may provide reports concerning mock trials, jury selection, jury questionnaires, and trial strategy. Consultants found here may also provide expertise regarding prospective jurors demographic research, trial strategy, jury reaction research, shadow juries, and post-trial jury interviews, among other topics.

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Marshall L. Hennington, BS, MA, ED.M, Ph.D. (Hennington and Associates Psychological Group, INC.)
Hennington and Associates is the leading Trial and Jury Consulting Firm in the Nation. We are a full service Litigation Consulting Firm that specializes in winning cases throughout the Country. We have offices to serve you throughout the Country. No matter... Learn More ›
Linda Bernard, RN, CCHP-RN (Linda Bernard Consulting)
Location: Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Linda Bernard Consulting provides an array of independent consulting services to attorneys, jails, prisons and insurance carriers. Services include development and/or review of Correctional Health Care, ...
Marshall L. Hennington, BS, MA, ED.M, Ph.D. (Hennington & Associates)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Employment Law Expert, Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant Current President and CEO of Hennington and Associates Psychological Group, Inc. Offices: New York, Miami, Beverly Hills, Sacramento. University...
Brad Poppie, DPT, CLCP, CFCE, CSCS (Injury Reporting Consultants, LLC )
Location: Colorado
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Brad Poppie is a Denver, CO native and received a baccalaureate degree from Colorado State University in Exercise and Sport Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine and a double minor in Anatomy...
Bashar Malkawi (University of Arizona)
Location: Arizona
Areas of Expertise: Bashar Malkawi is Global Professor of Practice in Law at University of Arizona. He is well-versed in teaching and providing legal advice with 20+ years' experience in private and public sectors. In addition...
Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco (Break the Chain LLC)
Location: Virginia
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco holds a Ph.D. in Criminology, Law and Society from George Mason University, with an expertise in human trafficking. She is currently the leading human trafficking expert witness...
Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: Dr. Martha Beach DNP, MS/Ed, RN, CNS, ARNP, CRC, CCM, CDMS, CNOR, CLCP, CNLCP, CCRN, CNRN, CCNS, ACNP-BC, LNCC Neurocritical Care Nurse Practitioner Critical Care Trauma Clinical Nurse Specialist Certified...
Dong Wang (Royal Law Firm China)
Location: Wellington
Areas of Expertise: I am a cross-jurisdictional lawyer in China and New Zealand. I joined the legal industry in 2003 after my ten-year work as an environmental engineer/chief in a power plant in China. Having been admitted...
Lauren A Freeman (Freeman Legal Consulting and Expert Witness Services, LLC)
Location: Illinois
Areas of Expertise: In April 2017, Lauren retired from the Cook County State's Attorney's Office after a distinguished 30-year career during which she handled some of Chicago's highest-profile prosecutions. Lauren’s extensive...
Park Dietz (Park Dietz & Associates, Inc.)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: PD&A offers forensic experts in psychiatry, psychology, neuropsychology, neurology, pathology, nursing, social work, criminal behavior analysis, police, corrections, security, and toxicology. For the...
Anthony Racioppo (East Coast Forensics Corp)
Location: New York
Areas of Expertise: Anthony Racioppo is an Accident Reconstructionist, ASE Certified Forensic Master Mechanic and Trucking & Safety Expert. He has been investigating motor vehicle accidents for over 35 years both with the...
Jury/Trial Consultant FAQs

What is a jury/trial consultant expert witness?

A jury/trial consultant is an expert who provides guidance and advice to attorneys on how to best present their cases including witness preparation, jury research, demographic research, trial strategy, and pre-trial research techniques.

What is the role of a jury/trial consultant expert witness?

A jury/trial consultant expert witness provides insight and guidance to attorneys during the trial process, including jury selection and trial strategy.

How much can a person make as a jury/trial consultant expert witness?

Jury/trial consultant expert witnesses can expect to earn anywhere from $200 to $400 or more per hour, determined by the requirements of the case.

What are the qualifications of a jury/trial consultant expert witness?

A jury/trial consultant expert witness should have experience with jury selection, jury psychology, trial preparation, and litigation strategy.

In legal proceedings, how is evidence gathered by a jury/trial consultant expert witness?

Evidence is gathered by a jury/trial consultant expert witness through various methods such as interviews, surveys, and focus groups. They analyze the data to provide insights and recommendations for the trial.

What type of cases involve the testimony of a jury/trial consultant expert witness?

Cases that involve complex issues, high stakes, or a need to understand juror attitudes and behavior may require the testimony of a jury/trial consultant expert witness.