Mississippi Documents & Handwriting Expert Witnesses

Document and handwriting expert witnesses can be located on this page. Experts found here may opine regarding document examination and medical records. These legal professionals may provide reports concerning ink dating, signature authentication, questioned documents, paper comparison, and wills. Handwriting examiners found through this page may also provide testimony regarding checks, contracts, and deeds, among other topics.

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Kevin P Kulbacki, D-ABFDE (KDX Forensic Consulting, LLC)
KDX Forensic Consulting, LLC is a Forensic Document Examination firm with over a decade of experience in Forensic Document Examination work on behalf of law enforcement, the United States Federal Government, and the private sector. Located in Chicago,... Learn More ›

Grace Warmbier (Grace Warmbier Forensic Document Examination)
I am a New York based Forensic Document Examiner specializing in handwriting and signature analyses. I have over 10 years experience at the New York City Police Department Police Laboratory working on high profile criminal cases, collaborating with the... Learn More ›

Laura A Mancebo (Applied Forensics, LLC)
Applied Forensics is a board-certified, state-of-the-art forensic laboratory with offices in New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Connecticut. For over 20 years we have been relied upon for our expertise in questioned and disputed documents, handwriting... Learn More ›

Anne Smith (d/b/a ForensicForgeryDetection.com)
Specializing in handwriting identification, copy-pasted information and font identification. Anne Smith is a court-qualified, proficiency-tested Forensic Document Examiner. With over 16 years experience, her Richmond, VA office is available for meetings... Learn More ›

Robert Lesnevich, B.S., J.D., Diplomate, ABFDE
Board certified, court qualified, proficiency tested expert and attorney with over 25 years experience in federal and private crime laboratories. A state of the art forensic laboratory and an experienced expert witness. Professional expert reports and... Learn More ›

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Documents & Handwriting FAQs

What is a documents & handwriting expert witness?

A handwriting and document expert witness is a professional who are typically called upon in legal proceedings to provide testimony and support based on their expertise in document examination, handwriting analysis, forgery detection, signature verification, and fraud investigation.

What is the role of a documents & handwriting expert witness?

The role of a documents and handwriting expert witness is to provide specialized knowledge and expertise in the analysis and authentication of written documents and handwriting in a legal matter.

How much can a person make as a documents & handwriting expert witness?

Documents & handwriting expert witnesses can earn income in the potential range from $200 to $400 per hour or greater, depending on the circumstances. The fee arrangmen, will be determined by the retaining attorney and the expert.

What are the qualifications of a documents & handwriting expert witness?

A documents & handwriting expert witness should have extensive knowledge of handwriting analysis, document examination, and forensic science, and be able to provide opinions on issues such as authenticity, alteration, and forgery.

In a lawsuit, what type of evience is reviewed by a documents & handwriting expert witness?

A documents and handwriting expert witness reviews evidence related to the authenticity, alteration, and authorship of documents, signatures, and handwriting in a lawsuit.

What type of cases typically require the testimony of a documents & handwriting expert witness?

Cases involving forgery, fraud, disputed wills, and questioned documents often require the testimony of a documents and handwriting expert witness to provide analysis and interpretation of the evidence.