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Although there are no experts who have listed "Contract Manufacturing" as their area of expertise from Wyoming , the below listed expert witnesses have indicated they are available to assist in your selected state.

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Rosemary Coates (Blue Silk Consulting)

Location: Wyoming
Areas of Expertise: Rosemary Coates is a Global Supply Chain Expert focusing on Chinese sourcing and manufacturing, Import/Export and logistics with 30 years of experience in industry and consulting. She is the author of...

Robert G. Freid (Contract Manufacturing Consultants, Inc.)

Location: Wyoming
Areas of Expertise: Mr. Freid consults and testifies on production, procurement and other key issues related to contract electronics manufacturing. He evaluates suppliers for printed circuit board assembly (SMT), mechanical...

Gabriele Goldaper

Location: Wyoming
Areas of Expertise: Ms. Goldaper has more than 45 years experience in the Fashion/Garment/Textile Industry. She has practical knowledge as a retailer, manufacturer, and key executive for major clothing companies. She has...

Leonard Backer (Leonard J. Backer Associates LLC)

Location: Wyoming
Areas of Expertise: We have specialized expertise in all areas of the Furniture, Seating and Table Industries. Our firm's services encompass Expert Witness work, Litigation and/or Strategic Consulting for a wide variety...