Mr. Marty Shaw

Green Season Consulting
PO Box 680716
Franklin, TN 37068
Mobile: 615-477-7889
Office: 615-794-4377

Do you need a top tree expert or an expert witness for your project or litigation case involving trees? Look no further. Marty Shaw, is among the top tree experts in the country. He is a Registered member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists and a Board Certified Master Arborist with decades of consulting experience. Marty has been ISA Certified for over 26 years and is one of only a handful of Board Certified Master Arborists worldwide. He specializes in personal injury, trespass tree appraisal, criminal trespass and many other special real estate problems. Marty is a very experienced drone pilot and map maker who is highly skilled at site assessments.

Areas of Expertise
  • Accident Investigation
  • Business Valuation
  • Construction Damages
  • Forestry
  • Golf Course Appraisal
  • Mapping & Surveying
  • Pesticides
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Tree/Arborist
  • Trees Appraisal

Expert Background
Q: Please list your professional accreditations, degrees, licenses, and certificates granted:
A: April 18, 2018 Real Estate Broker Instructor Course ProAPAH
February 29, 2018 Real Estate Appraisal Instructor Course #2111
September 2, 2016 FAA Pilot (UAS)
March 23, 2016, Board Certified Master Arborist
March 2013, Tennessee Certified Nursery Plant Dealer
June 1, 1999, Kentucky Commercial Pesticide Applicator License/Certification, State of
October 10, 1998, NAA Home Study 1 NAA
May 30, 1998, Tennessee Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification Demonstration
& Research; State of Tennessee
February 1, 1998, Tennessee Certified Nursery Professional, TNLA
January 21, 1998, Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification, State of North Carolina
December 9, 1995, ISA Certified Arborist
March 1, 1994, Commercial Pesticide Applicator, State of Tennessee, Category 3
June 24, 1994, Commercial Pesticide Applicator License, State of Tennessee, HLT

Q: Please list your affiliations or memberships in any professional and/or industry organizations:
A: American Horticulture Society
American Society of Consulting Arborists, Registered Member
CBL Roundtable
Christian Executive Officer
Christian Leadership Concepts
Franklin Tree Commission
Franklin First United Methodist Church
Georgia Green Industry Association
Gideons International
International Society of Arboriculture
International Society of Arboriculture, Southern Chapter
Kentucky Arborist Association
Mauget Advisory Board
Microinjection Research Review Board
National Arborist Association
North American Mycological Association Southern Nurseryman’s Association
Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association
Tennessee Urban Forestry Council
Tree Care Industry Association
Q: Please list any teaching or speaking experience you have had, including subject matter:
A: September 29, 2020 Williamson College – Introduction to Earth Sciences - “Electromagnetic and Biochemical Energy Transfer of Carbon on Earth”
July 31, 2020 Green Season Consulting – “Professional Amenity Plant Appraisal
July 29, 2020 HalfMoon Education, “The Tree Course” Webinar
March 26, 2020 HalfMoon Education, “The Tree Course” Webinar
January 30, 2020 HalfMoon Education, “The Tree Course” Springfield, IL.
December 12, 2019 HalfMoon Education, “The Tree Course” New Orleans, LA
October 8, 2019 Tennessee Technical University, AGHT 3400 Landscape Horticulutre "Drones: Practical Implications for Agriculture, Forestry and Arboriculture" Cookeville, TN
August 13, 2019 International Society of Arboriculture Annual Conference “The Art of Plant Appraisal”, Knoxville, TN (US)
June 28, 2019 HalfMoon Education, “The Tree Course” St. Louis, MO
April 17, 2019 HalfMoon Education, “The Tree Course” Memphis, TN
April 5, 2019 Professional Amenity Plant Appraisal Workshop, Miami, FL
March 28, 2019 HalfMoon Education, “The Tree Course” Louisville, KY
February 22, 2019 Kentucky Arborists Association, Covington, KY
“New Developments in Professional Plant Appraisal”
February 4, 2019 Leyland Plantation Home & Garden Club
“What Are Trees Worth in the Landscape?”
December 12, 2018 HalfMoon Education, “The Tree Course” Atlanta, GA
October 18, 2018 Professional Grounds Maintenance Society Annual Conference
“Professional Amenity Plant Appraisal – Understand the Profession”
October 15, 2018 Tennessee Urban Forestry Conference
“Tree Appraisal and TPAQ Update”
October 2-4, 2018 Society of American Foresters 2 Posters – “The Professional Amenity Plant Appraisal Handbook”
September 13, 2018 Relocation Appraisers and Consultants 2018 Conference
“AMENITY TREE IMPROVEMENTS – A history? A mystery? What you need to know!”
August 2, 2018 HalfMoon Education, “The Tree Couse” Nashville, TN
May 17, 2018 Appraisal Institute Spring Litigation Conference, Woodside, CA
“Amenity Plant Appraisal History and Practice Overview”
April 20, 2018 Professional Amenity Plant Appraisal Workshop, Knoxville, TN
February 16, 2018 Professional Amenity Plant Appraisal Workshop, Clarksville, TN
February 2, 2018 University of Tennessee: Principles of Urban Forestry- Values of Urban Vegetation – “Legal Values”
January 25, 2018 Professional Amenity Plant Appraisal Workshop, Franklin, TN
February 4, 2017, Home Inspectors Association of Tennessee, Pleasant View, TN
“Landscaping is More Then Trees & Shrubs”
“Unmanned Aerial Systems – Restrictions”
January 14, 2014, MTLSC, Franklin, TN “Amenity Tree Appraisal”
January 14, 2014, MTLSC, Franklin, TN “Tree Safety Guidelines”
October 4, 2011, TRPA Annual Conference, Paris, TN “Recognizing Tree Hazards”
October 3, 2011, TRPA Annual Conference, Paris, TN “Exotic Invasive Pests”
November 3–4, 2004, PLCAA Twenty-Fifth Annual Conference & GIE, Charlotte, NC
“Tree and Shrub Workshop” and “Landscape Plants: Nutrients and Health”
October 14, 2004, AUFA Twentieth Annual Convention, Hoover, AL “Microinjection”
“Tree Health Care Demonstration”
January 8, 2004, CSRA Third Annual CSRA Ornamental and Turf Seminar, Augusta, GA
“Mauget Fungicidal, Insecticidal, and Nutritional Trunk Injections”
February 12, 2003, University of Tennessee Grounds Management Short Course, Knoxville, TN
“Tree Growth Regulators”
October 30–November 1, 2000, KUFC Conference, Frankfort, KY
“Soil-Oriented Construction Damage”
“Pest Management with Microinjection”
February 8–9 2000, University of Tennessee Grounds Management Short Course, Knoxville, TN
“Constructing the Death of A Tree”
January 25, 1999, Mississippi Urban Forestry Conference, Jackson, MS
“Marketing Your Business”
“Pest Management with Microinjection”
November 19, 1998, Alabama Agricultural Extension Service Short Course, Birmingham, AL
“Tree Topping Hurts” and “Mycorrhizae”
May 21, 1998, MELPA, Johnson City, TN
“Tree Health Using Microinjection”
March 10, 1998, MELPA at ETSU, Johnson City, TN
“Tree Topping Hurts”
January 7, 1998, Kentucky Agricultural Extension Service Winter Short Course, Lexington, KY
“Tree Health Using Microinjection”
December 12, 1997, Advanced Learning Symposium, Sturbridge, MA
“Marketing Microinjection”
April 15, 1997, ISA Southern Conference, Chattanooga, TN, “Arboriculture on the Internet”
Q: Have any of your accreditations ever been investigated, suspended or removed? (if yes, explain)
A: No.
Q: On how many occasions have you been retained as an expert?
A: 1000+
Q: For what area(s) of expertise have you been retained as an expert?
A: High value tort, personal injury, civil trespass, and criminal trespass cases; formal report preparation, forensic investigations, tree appraisals, tree health assessments, laboratory diagnostic analysis, site evaluations, area canopy evaluations, tree hazard evaluations, tree risk assessments, tree inventories, municipal contract preparation/supervision, forensic investigations, litigation, municipal ordinances development, property management tree hazard policy development, tree management recommendations, specification development, site inspections, landscape design, contract installation, utility contract review, safety review, safety, education and training.

Q: In what percentage of your cases were you retained by the plaintiff?
A: 50%
Q: In what percentage of your cases were you retained by the defendant?
A: 50%
Q: On how many occasions have you had your deposition taken?
A: 40
Q: When was the last time you had your deposition taken?
A: May 2022
Q: On how many occasions have you been qualified by a court to give expert testimony?
A: 15
Q: On how many occasions have you testified as an expert in court or before an arbitrator?
A: 15
Q: For how many years have you worked with the legal industry as an expert?
A: 25 years
Q: What services do you offer? (E.g.: consulting, testing, reports, site inspections etc.)
A: All aspects of forensic investigation involving trees, tree related matter, pesticides, water trespass etc.
Q: What is your hourly rate to consult with an attorney?
A: $225.00/hour
Q: What is your hourly rate to review documents?
A: $225.00/hour
Q: What is your hourly rate to provide deposition testimony?
A: $1200.00 per day
Q: What is your hourly rate to provide testimony at trial?
A: $1200.00 per day
Q: Please list any fees other than those stated above (E.g.: travel expenses, copy fees, etc.)
A: Rates, billed in quarter hour increments
On site assessment, meetings, and instruction: $225.00 per hour.
Travel Time: $ 75.00 per hour.
Mileage $ 0.60/Mile
Research and report preparation time: $225.00 per hour.
Digital photograph processing $1.00 ea.
Aerial Photography Service $250.00/Flight
Increment Bore/Tissue Samples $75.00 each
Resistograph Tests $125.00 each
Expenses Cost plus 20%
Clerical services, if used Cost plus 20%
Diagnostic services Cost plus 20%
Deposition/Court Testimony $1200.00/Day


Available Upon Request