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On this page you will find expert witnesses who may opine on ERISA. The professionals found through this page may advise regarding the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. These experts may also provide reports on self funded medical plans & self funded employer programs among other topics.

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David M. Soja. CRC, ABVE. (CRC Services, LLC)
Location: Multiple Locations
Areas of Expertise: CRC Services, LLC is a vocational firm specializing in a wide array of vocational consulting, vocational rehabilitation and vocational advising services to governmental agencies, private business, insurance...
Arthur B Kagan (A K Actuarial and Pension Services)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Pension Plan consulting actuary with 40+ years of experience. Had third party administration (TPA) and actuarial firm serving 650 pension, profit sharing and 401k plans. Sold firm in 2016. Now doing consulting...
Mark K. Altschuler, M.S. (Pension Analysis Consultants, Inc.)
Location: Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Mark K. Altschuler, M.S., is President of Pension Analysis Consultants Inc., of Elkins Park, PA. The nation's leading expert in valuing and dividing retirement plans in divorce, he offers his expertise...
Stephen C. George, MBA-HA (Provider Risk)
Location: Florida
Areas of Expertise: Stephen George MBA-HA is CEO of Provider Risk. LLC - is an internationally organized brokerage, and consulting company writing insurance & reinsurance. Mr. George is an active Broker-Consultant writing/commissioning...
Chris McConnell AIFA (Chris McConnell & Associates)
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Chris McConnell AIFA® is an independent expert whose portfolio includes but is not limited to the securities, banking and financial services industry regulatory and internal compliance, custom and practice,...
Meyers Vocational Consulting Services
Location: California
Areas of Expertise: Mr. Meyers has been working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant with Meyers VCS since December of 2012. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from San Diego State University, a Master’s Degree...

What is an erisa expert witness?

An ERISA expert witness is someone who is an expert in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. ERISA expert witnesses can provide testimony about the compliance of a pension plan with ERISA, regulations, as well as related issues.

What is the role of an erisa expert witness?

An ERISA expert witness provides testimony on issues related to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), such as compliance and fiduciary responsibility.

How much can a person make as an erisa expert witness?

Erisa expert witnesses may be compensated in the range from $175 to $400 per hour or greater, depending on the type of work the expert is asked to perform.

What are the qualifications of an erisa expert witness?

An ERISA expert witness should have a deep understanding of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and its regulations, and be knowledgeable in areas such as pension plan administration, fiduciary duties, and employee benefits.

In a lawsuit, what type of evience is reviewed by an erisa expert witness?

An ERISA expert witness would review evidence related to employee benefit plans, including plan documents, financial statements, and communications between plan administrators and participants.

What type of cases typically require the testimony of an erisa expert witness?

ERISA expert witnesses are typically required in cases involving disputes over employee benefits, retirement plans, and fiduciary duties. They provide specialized knowledge and analysis to assist in resolving complex legal issues.