Dr. Stuart C Silverstein MD FAAP

1127 High Ridge Road Ste.332
Stamford, CT 06905
Mobile: 203-550-9041
Office: 203-303-7344
Fax: 203-968-0151

Dr. Silverstein is an award-winning, Board-Certified pediatrician with over 30 years experience as a clinician and medical educator. His current practice includes providing pediatric emergency and urgent care in a highly populated urban setting. Dr. Silverstein has also supervised medical students, residents, and physician assistants in the pediatric emergency room. Served as a Preceptor for the Sacred Heart University Clinical APRN program and Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at the
New York Medical College Valhalla, New York.

Dr. Silverstein is the author of several books including a Board Review Study Guide used by Pediatric Residents preparing for their specialty certification.

Dr. Silverstein has experience providing medical consultation for plaintiffs, prosecutors, and defendants in civil and criminal cases. He is experienced in distinguishing between accidental and non – accidental injury, evaluating potential evidence of child neglect, and opining on the pediatric standard of care and pediatric protocols. He has appeared as a testifying expert at both deposition and trial.

Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
Diplomat American Board of Pediatrics
Florida Expert Witness Certificate - MEEW9224
Fairfield County Medical Society Member
USA Hockey Level 4 Certified Coach

Areas of Expertise
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Practice/Family Medicine
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Pediatrics
  • Personal Injury
  • Sports Medicine
  • Urgent Care

Expert Background
Q: Please list your professional accreditations, degrees, licenses, and certificates granted:
A: Medical Degree / State University of New York/ Downstate Medical Center
Current License to Practice / Connecticut
Previous License/ California/ New York/ New Jersey
Certified Medical Expert State of Florida

Q: Please list your affiliations or memberships in any professional and/or industry organizations:
A: Diplomate American Board of Pediatrics
Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
Fairfield County Medical Society
American Medical Association
USA Youth Hockey
Q: Have any of your accreditations ever been investigated, suspended or removed? (if yes, explain)
A: No
Q: On how many occasions have you been retained as an expert?
A: More than 30
Q: For what area(s) of expertise have you been retained as an expert?
A: Pediatric Malpractice Plaintiff/ Defense
Child Abuse and Neglect Prosecution / Defense
Q: In what percentage of your cases were you retained by the plaintiff?
A: 50 %
Q: In what percentage of your cases were you retained by the defendant?
A: 50 %
Q: On how many occasions have you had your deposition taken?
A: 3
Q: When was the last time you had your deposition taken?
A: July 2022
Q: On how many occasions have you been qualified by a court to give expert testimony?
A: 13
Q: On how many occasions have you testified as an expert in court or before an arbitrator?
A: 5
Q: For how many years have you worked with the legal industry as an expert?
A: 5 plus
Q: What services do you offer? (E.g.: consulting, testing, reports, site inspections etc.)
A: Consulting
Pediatric Standard of Care
Affidavit of Merit Review Pediatric Malpractice
Evaluation of Accidental vs Non Accidental Trauma in Children
Child Abuse
Pediatric Scope of Practice
Q: What is your hourly rate to consult with an attorney?
A: $500
Q: What is your hourly rate to review documents?
A: $500
Q: What is your hourly rate to provide deposition testimony?
A: $500
Q: What is your hourly rate to provide testimony at trial?
A: $500/ hour for remote testimony
Distance travelled to determine the daily rate.
Q: Please list any fees other than those stated above (E.g.: travel expenses, copy fees, etc.)
A: Travel Expenses if travel is required


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