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Terms: JurisPro is a free directory for legal professionals to find or evaluate expert witnesses, and to evaluate the experience, background and qualifications of those expert witnesses for the visitors' consultation, retention, designation, and/or expert witness testimony. Expert witnesses have paid a fee to be listed on JurisPro. All expert witness information which appears on the JurisPro website has been provided by the expert witnesses themselves. JurisPro has not verified the background, qualifications, experience, or business practices of any of the expert witnesses listed on JurisPro, and therefore disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the expert witness information and listings on JurisPro website. JurisPro does not make any recommendation or referral of any expert witness listed on the JurisPro website, and we do not make any suggestions as to their competency as expert witnesses. Our visitors to our website are cautioned that it is their responsibility to always independently verify the background, qualifications, and experience of the expert witness whose information appears on JurisPro.

Solicitation of any of the expert witnesses listed on JurisPro for any other reason other than for consultation, retention, designation, or expert witness testimony is strictly prohibited.