Mr. Nick Barreiro

Principle Forensics
810 Oak Meadow Dr #680354
Franklin , TN 37068
Mobile: 615-854-8055
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Principle Forensics is a cutting-edge media forensics laboratory. We recover, authenticate, enhance, and analyze all types of recorded evidence, including video, audio, and digital images. And we back all our work with experienced, highly trained, expert testimony. Our Chief Forensic Analyst, Nick Barreiro, was a police officer in California for 15 years. Nick is an expert with tremendous technical knowledge and training, but also extensive experience on the witness stand. Nick has enhanced and analyzed digital media from simple cases like minor traffic accidents and burglaries to complex investigations such as homicides and officer-involved shootings. Nick has testified hundreds of times in criminal cases, civil cases, arbitrations, and depositions.

Areas of Expertise
  • Audio
  • Evidence Analysis & Preservation
  • Photogrammetry
  • Photography
  • Video


Available Upon Request

Principle Forensics Demo Principle Forensics is a cutting-edge media forensics laboratory. We work with attorneys, law enforcement agencies, individuals, and corporations, to deliver comprehensive enhancement and analysis of video, audio, and images.