Dong Wang

Mr. Dong Wang

Royal Law Firm New Zealand branch
13 Malcolm Gillies Grove, Upper Hutt
Wellington, WGN 99501, New Zealand
Mobile: 844-203-3907

I joined the legal industry in 2003 after my ten-year work as an environmental engineer/chief in a power plant in China. Having been admitted to the China Lawyer’s Association in 2004, I have been practicing law as a generalist lawyer. In 2015, I established Royal Law Firm together with my team and the firm is operating successfully. I now have been admitted as a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand after five years of legal work and law study in New Zealand. During the period, I have still frequently been involved in legal issues in the Chinese law firm as my colleagues consider me as the most professionally capable lawyer in terms of legal research and practical experience. We are particularly experienced in international-clients services. As a solicitor/barrister in a common law country, I am in probably unique position in the world in interpreting Chinese law based on my comparative insights between the two jurisdictions.

The seventeen-year practice in Chinese law equips me with extensive practical experiences and the deep general understanding of the Chinese judicial system: the legal standing, lawsuit procedures, jurisdictions and its conflicts, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments or arbitration awards, evidentiary rules, the history, developments, and flaws of those Chinese laws. These experiences relate to commercial law for companies or individuals. In China, I have handled numerous commercial disputes settlements, litigations, and non-litigation issues. These legal issues include loan agreements, guarantee dispute, company-law related matter such as joint venter agreement, shareholding issues, setting up and winding up companies, mergers and acquisition. As an experienced counsel for companies, I am also familiar with employment-law issues including employment relationship, termination, social security, and redundancy, etc.

Practicing commercial law in China also involves family-related and property law issues. As the team leader and founding partner of the firm, I have handled many case such as divorce, child-support payment, dividing up relationship properties (arise from marriage or relationship by living together without marriage registration), distinguishing individual debts from matrimonial debts, conveyance (including for foreign clients in China), validity of adoption, and overseas-property disposition, and foreign exchange quota rule. I am familiar with Chinese procedural law including civil procedural law, rules of conflict of laws, forum of non-conveniens, and recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards or court decisions. As a generalist lawyer in China, I also have had some experience in criminal law (especially in economic crimes), intellectual property law, (I have handled copy right, trademark infringements, and patent litigations).

Areas of Expertise
  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Business Law
  • Chinese Law
  • Contracts
  • Copyrights
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Immigration
  • International Law
  • Trademarks


Available Upon Request