Dawn DiMarco

Dawn DiMarco

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Dawn DiMarco is a practicing metallurgist with over 27 years of experience in failure analysis and accident investigation. Ms. DiMarco provides metallurgical investigations, analysis, reports and testimony toward resolution of commercial and personal injury litigation involving failure analysis. Her experience includes a range of materials and industries including military, aerospace, and automotive. Dawn DiMarco was responsible for overseeing all aspects of test and materials laboratory operations including military and consumer product applications. She has been involved in manufacturing support and Material Review Board, as well as supplier and subcontractor auditing and manufacturing planning.

Dawn DiMarco’s experience and expertise include gas turbine engine technology, high temperature coatings development, advanced materials, failure analysis, fasteners, destructive and non-destructive evaluation as well as structural and rotating component evaluation. She has unique expertise in the development, design, fabrication and qualification of a variety of product applications. Dawn has conducted over 1300 different material evaluations and is well-qualified to investigate a broad range of product and material failures.

Dawn is a member of ASM International and has been awarded two U.S. patents. Ms. DiMarco also serves on several volunteer committees.

Metallurgy/Testing Expertise
Failure Analysis
Materials Evaluation
Gas Turbine Engines
High Temperature Coatings
Structural and Rotating Components
Carburizing and Nitriding
Paint and Coatings
Mechanical Property Testing
Chemical Analysis
Hardness and Conductivity
Microstructural Evaluation
Optical Microscopy
X-Ray Diffraction
Eddy Current Inspection
Military and Industry specifications
Salt Spray (Fog) Testing
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Transmission Electron Microscopy
Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis
Chip Analysis
Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray
Non-Destructive Inspection
Real Time Radiography
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
Dye Penetrant Inspection
Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection
Heat Treatment and Finishing
Rheology and Viscosity of Elastomer Compounds
Lab Safety
ISO Quality Auditing
Fastening Technology
International Material Data System (IMDS)
Bearing Design and Analysis
Gear Manufacturing
Foreign Object Damage
Rubber Metal Bonding
Welding and Metal Joining
CNC Machining
Fatigue Testing
Automotive Wheel Design
Material Requirements Planning

Areas of Expertise
  • Accident Investigation
  • Chemicals
  • Corrosion
  • Failure Analysis
  • Gas Turbine Engineering
  • Latches & Fasteners
  • Materials
  • Metallurgy
  • Paint & Coatings
  • Personal Injury
  • Welding


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