Mr. Chuck Easttom

5605 Woodspring Drive
Plano , TX 75093
Office: 214-551-5216


I have over 25 years of computer industry experience, coupled with 2 masters degrees and over 40 industry certifications. I also have authored 21 published computer science books and hold 8 computer science related patents. In addition to my industry experience, I have 12 years of litigation support experience.

Areas of Expertise

  • Copyrights
  • Cybersecurity
  • Law & Legal

Expert Background

Q: Please list your professional accreditations, degrees, licenses, and certificates granted:
A: B.A. and M.Ed. from Southeastern Oklahoma State
M.B.A (specialization in applied computer science) from Northcentral University
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Windows Server 2000
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCSA)Windows Server 2000
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) SQL Server 2000
Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD)Visual Studio.Net
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP) SQL Server 2008, Windows 7
Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
CompTIA Certified A+ PC Technician
CompTIA Certified Network+, I-Net+, Server+, and Linux+
CIW Certified Security Analyst
EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker
EC Council Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator
EC Council Certified Instructor
CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
ISSAP (Intenet System's Security Architecture Professional)
CCFP (Certified Cyber Forensics Professional)
Certified Criminal Investigator (American College of Forensic Examiners)
Texas Private Investigator License with Allegiant Investigations & Security License Number: A18596
Oxygen Certified Phone Forensics
Access Certified Examiner (ACE)
National Computer Science Academy Windows 8 Certification
National Computer Science Academy HTML 5.0 Certification
OSForensics Certified Examiner
Certified Forensic Consultant(American College of Forensic Examiners)
Q: Please list your affiliations or memberships in any professional and/or industry organizations:
A: Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
Member American College of Forensic Examiners Membership Number 116830 2015/2016
Chair of the Board of Information Security and Computer Forensics for the American College of Forensic Examiners for 2016
Editorial board member for the year 2016 for Journal of Information Security Science & Digital Forensics
Editorial board for the year 2016 member for The Forensic Examiner. This is a peer reviewed forensic journal.
Member of the advisory board for Embry Riddle University cyber security program within the Homeland Security degree program.
Q: Please list any teaching or speaking experience you have had, including subject matter:
A: I routinely teach computer security, secure programming, forensics, penetration testing, and related courses all over the world. I also have conducted a number of speaking engagements:
1. Mid-Cities PC Users Group September 19, 2003. The topic was computer security in general.
2. The Harvard Computer Society April 5 2004. The topic was computer security.
3. The ACM Chapter of Columbia University November 15 2005. The topic was computer viruses.
4. DeVry/Keller University in Dallas December 2009 Commencement Speaker.
5. Public presentation on computer crime in McKinney Texas in July 2008.
6. Southern Methodist University Computer Science and Engineering Colloquium September 2010. The topic was organized computer crime and computer terrorism.
7. Takedowncon security conference in Dallas Texas, May 2011. The topic was steganography
8. An Overview of Modern Cryptography, May 5 2011 Webinar
9. CAST Conference in Washington D.C. August 2011. The topic was Cryptography: Feistel Ciphers. The audience was primarily Department of Defense personnel and contractors.
10. Digital Certificates: An Expert View, January 12 2012 Webinar
11. Takedown security conference in Dallas Texas, May 2012. The topic was RSA cryptography.
12. Problems with RSA, November 4 2012 Webinar
13. Takedowncon security conference in Huntsville Alabama, July 15 2013. The topic was cryptanalysis. The audience was primarily Department of Defense personnel and contractors.
14. September 25-26 I conduced a 2-day master class in hacking techniques, in Singapore for Clariden Global.
15. March 2014 I did a presentation for the University of Texas ACM chapter. The topics where distributed steganography and cryptographic backdoors.
16. May 26-27 2014. I conducted a 2-day workshop in software testing in Singapore for Clariden Global.
17. June 2014 I did a public talk on computer crime and internet safety in Melissa Texas, sponsored by the Melissa Police Department.
18. October 1, 2014 presentation of a talk on cryptographic backdoors at the ISC2 Security Conference in Atlanta Georgia.
19. October 5, 2014 presentation of a talk on cryptographic backdoors at the Hakon convention in Indore, India.
20. October 17, 2014 U.S. Secret Service, North Texas Electronic Crimes (N-TEC) Task Force presenting a talk on the history and current state of computer crime.
21. November 7, 2014 North Texas Crime Commission-Healthcare Cyber Security Symposium presenting a talk on health care breaches.
22. January 27, 2015: Collin County Sheriff's Academy Alumni Association. "Cybercrime and online predators".
23. April 14, 2015 Brighttalk webinar “What you don’t know about Cryptography and how it can hurt you”.
24. May 4, 2015 North Texas Crime Commission-Healthcare Cyber Security Symposium presenting a talk on the causes and remediation of health care breaches.
25. May 12, 2015 SecureWorld Houston “What you don’t know about Cryptography and how it can hurt you”.
26. August 20, 2015. Southwest Financial Crimes Forum “7 biggest mistakes of incident response.”
27. September 30, 2015 ISC2 Security Congress “Cryptanalysis for Forensics”.
28. October 3, 2015. Conducted a 1-day workshop in Malware at Hakon India.
29. October 4, 2015. Hakon India Indore India. 2015 “Cyberwar and Terrorism”.
30. November 4, 2015 iSMG Fraud Summit in Dallas Texas “Business Email Masquerading: How Hackers Are Fooling Employees to Commit Fraud”.
31. November 5, 2015 SWACHA Electronic Payments Summit in Irving Texas “Emerging Trends in Cyber Crime”.
32. May 25, 2016 “Improving Professional Standards in Cyber Forensics” Keynote speaker for Association of Digital Forensics Security and Law.
33. June 22, 2016 “Cyber Security Issues Facing Business” Texas Security Bank Business Institute meeting.
34. August 4, 2016 “Steganography: The in’s and Out’s” DefCon 24, Las Vegas.
35. September 12, 2016 USMCOC Third North American Sustainable Economic Development Summit Cyber Security, Information Technology & Innovation Panel
36. September 13, 2016 Tarleton State University CyberSecurity Summit at the George W. Bush Institute. The topic is "A template for incident response"
37. September 28 2016 Secure World Dallas. Speaking on "Analyzing Forensic Evidence". Applications of graph theory to forensic analysis.
38. October 2 2016 Hakon India (Indore India) Speaking on “The Dark Web Markets – Implications for Law Enforcement and Counter Terrorism”
39. October 18-19 2016 Secure Jordan (Amman Jordan) Speaking on “Zero Day Exploits” and “How to forensically analyze Zero Day Exploits”.
Q: Have any of your accreditations ever been investigated, suspended or removed? (if yes, explain)
A: No
Q: On how many occasions have you been retained as an expert?
A: 45 different cases. Several of these where complex cases involving multiple defendants.
Q: For what area(s) of expertise have you been retained as an expert?
A: Operating system patent infringment.

Software patent infringement.

Source code copyright infringement.

Computer Security/Forensics.


Software Valuation

Computer Forensics

Computer Security

Computer Crime

Q: In what percentage of your cases were you retained by the plaintiff?
A: 70%
Q: In what percentage of your cases were you retained by the defendant?
A: 30%
Q: On how many occasions have you had your deposition taken?
A: 21 depositions (in addition I have testified at trials and hearings. I have testified on a total of 28 occasions)
Q: When was the last time you had your deposition taken?
A: July 13, 2016. The last time I testified at a trial was June 6 2016
Q: On how many occasions have you been qualified by a court to give expert testimony?
A: On 100% of the cases
Q: On how many occasions have you testified as an expert in court or before an arbitrator?
A: 7 times I have testified in court at trial or a hearing. This is in addition to 21 depositions.
Q: For how many years have you worked with the legal industry as an expert?
A: 12
Q: What services do you offer? (E.g.: consulting, testing, reports, site inspections etc.)
A: Consulting, investigation and research, expert reports, testifying.
Q: What is your hourly rate to consult with an attorney?
A: 350 per hour.
Q: What is your hourly rate to review documents?
A: 350 per hour.
Q: What is your hourly rate to provide deposition testimony?
A: 350 per hour.
Q: What is your hourly rate to provide testimony at trial?
A: 350 per hour.
Q: Please list any fees other than those stated above (E.g.: travel expenses, copy fees, etc.)
A: normal travel expenses


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