Bob Kingsbery

Bob Kingsbery

PO Box 609
Tioga , TX 76271-0609
Office: 214-681-9917


Bob Kingsbery consults and testifies on cases involving auto / livestock collisions, motorcycle / livestock collisions and truck / livestock collisions, as well as fencing related cases (escaped, loose, stray horses, bulls, cattle, as well as dogs).

He is a leading expert on livestock fencing and livestock behavior. He has designed, marketed and built all kinds of livestock fencing. He has written hundreds of articles about installing and maintaining livestock fencing for major livestock publications, and has conducted hundreds of demonstrations and seminars on the latest fencing technology and techniques throughout the world.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accident Investigation
  • Agricultural
  • Animals
  • Bus & Truck Safety/Accident
  • Failure Analysis
  • Horses
  • Latches & Fasteners
  • Livestock
  • Motorcycles


References upon request.