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Although there are no experts who have listed "Construction Insurance" as their area of expertise from Utah , the below listed expert witnesses have indicated they are available to assist in your selected state.

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Jim Leatzow (Leatzow & Associates, Inc.)
Jim Leatzow has 47 years of hands on P & C industry experience as a nationally licensed (all 50 states), agency owner for 30 years, specializing in underwriting, claims adjusting, policy issuance, coverages, claims-made policies, construction & aviation... Learn More ›

Robert M Anderson (The Anderson Edge)
Trusted By 32 of the Top 100 Insurance Law Firms (see list of 32 Top Law Firms below) I have 35 years both as an underwriter and insurance broker in property-casualty insurance, captive formation and management, management liability, employee benefits,... Learn More ›

Hugh W Black CPCU, ARM, AIC, CCLA (Axiom Claims Analytics, LLC)
Mr. Black is the CEO of Axiom Claims Analytics, LLC and an expert who has over forty-five years of multi-line Property and Casualty Insurance claims handling and technical supervision experience. He has experience as a bad faith expert; insurance coverage;... Learn More ›

Dennis W. Eckstine (Eckstine & Associates, Inc.)
Dennis Eckstine has over 30 years experience in engineering, quality, and product safety including company representative at trial for equipment manufacturers. He has expertise and extensive experience with cranes, aerial platforms, lifts, trucks, farm... Learn More ›

Mr. Lucas is a construction licensing expert with over 30 years' licensing & enforcement experience. He worked previously for the California Contractors' State License Board (nearly 14 years) where he held various capacities, including serving as a construction... Learn More ›
Scott S. Margraves CIC (Gulf Coast Risk Management LLC)
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: Nationally recognized as one of the top insurance professionals, Scott Margraves has over thirty years of “hands on” commercial property & casualty experience. As a front-line producer, partner, & agency...
Neal Bordenave, JD, CPCU, RPLU, ARM, AIC (RiskPro Insurance Services, Inc.)
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: Neal Bordenave, Founder and President of RiskPro Insurance Services, Inc., is a seasoned insurance and risk management professional with over thirty years of insurance industry experience. Excellent case...
Matthew Furlong, CBC, RBC, CFC, ICC member, OSHA 10 & 30 (Först Consulting Group )
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: Mr. Matthew Furlong is the owner of Först Consulting Group based out of the company’s Washington, D.C. metro office. He specializes in forensic engineering, scientific investigations, technical report...
David M Bekus (DM Bekus Construction Services)
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: DM Bekus specializes in residential construction defects and concerns. With a NJ building inspector license and over 30 years of experience a wealth of knowledge is brought to each case. Reports are amply...
romeo Fraccaroli (ROMEO FRACCAROLI PE, SE)
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: Mr. R. Fraccaroli is the Director of Operations, who has extensive engineering experience in Civil / Structural designs. He obtained his B.S. in Civil Engineering from UNH focusing on structural, geotechnical,...
Michael Panish (ConstructionWitness.com)
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: Mike Panish is a legal expert witness and consultant specializing in most construction trades (defects & injuries), automatic door systems, doors, door hardware, door sensors, gates, cabinetry, architectural...
Allen W Griffin (Griffin Interests, LLC dba /Construction Claims Experts / Gryphon Builders)
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: Allen is a trusted resource for your, Insurance Claims - Construction Defects - Construction Contracts and Project claims. A Construction Expert Witness with Real-world, Hands-on construction experience...
Cory W Bruner (Propel Safety Consulting)
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: Propel Safety Consulting offers turn key solution for Safety Consulting and Safety Expert witness.
Amin Terouhid (Adroit Consultants, LLC)
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: I am a construction subject matter expert with more than 18 years of professional experience. I have a Ph.D. in construction management and have master's degrees in civil engineering as well as industrial...
Bill O'Brallahan (Procom Co.)
Location: Utah
Areas of Expertise: Since 1978, Bill O’Brallahan has been successfully building and remodeling homes in Southern California. In the early 1980’s, he started and operated REI Services—A complete home inspection service company...
Construction Insurance FAQs

What is a construction insurance expert witness?

A construction insurance expert witness is a person who is qualified to give testimony regarding issues such as policy interpretation, construction insurance claim analysis, or other construction insurance coverage matters.

What is the role of a construction insurance expert witness?

The role of a construction insurance expert witness is to provide specialized knowledge and expertise in the insurance policies and claims related to construction projects in a legal matter.

How much can a person make as a construction insurance expert witness?

Construction insurance expert witnesses can earn income in the potential range from $200 to $400 per hour or greater, depending on the circumstances. The fee arrangmen, will be determined by the retaining attorney and the expert.

What are the qualifications of a construction insurance expert witness?

A construction insurance expert witness should possess knowledge of insurance principles and practices related to the construction industry, and be able to provide opinions on issues such as coverage, claims, and damages.

In legal proceedings, how is evidence gathered by a construction insurance expert witness?

A construction insurance expert witness gathers evidence through site inspections, document reviews, and interviews with relevant parties. They analyze the information to provide an expert opinion on the case.

What type of legal proceeding might require the testimony of a construction insurance expert witness?

A construction insurance expert witness may be required in legal proceedings related to construction defects, property damage, personal injury claims, or disputes over insurance coverage and policy interpretation.