Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr.

Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr.

Houston Aircraft Appraisers

Houston, TX 77002
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Houston Aircraft Appraisers delivers fair and accurate Independent Certified Aircraft Appraisals.

Specializing in Commercial Airliner Appraisals, Regional Airliner Appraisals, Corporate Jet Appraisals, Helicopter Appraisals, Turbo Prop Aircraft Appraisals, Aircraft Escrow Services, Bank Loan Appraisals, Aircraft Lienholder Services, Insurance Policy Appraisals, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Third Party Appraisals, Actual Cash Value Appraisals, Fair Market Value Appraisals, Aircraft Legal Services, Aircraft Expert Witness / Testimony, Arbitration / Mediation Services, Personal Injury Attorney Assistance, Aircraft Mechanics Lien, Aircraft Documentation Support, Aircraft Titles & Registrations, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Houston Aircraft Appraisers provides Certified Aircraft Appraisals on various types of aircraft and aircraft engines. Our appraisals are FAA and Texas Secretary of State Compliant.

Areas of Expertise
  • Antiques, Art, & Collectibles Appraisal
  • Aviation
  • Aviation Valuation
  • Black Box/Data Recorder
  • Machinery & Equipment Appraisal
  • Personal Property Valuation


Available Upon Request