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Serving clients in outpatient and forensic psychology (Immigration, Civil and Criminal Issues)
Licensed Psychologist
NJ 35SI00354500, NY 025103-01, PA PS008601L, CT 8.004288, WI 3843-57
PSYPACT-Can offer videoconference evaluations in 31 states.
Director: Rhonda E. Greenberg, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist NJ 35SI00354500, PA PS 008601-L
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Forensic Psychology Defined
Forensic psychology is the intersection of the practice of psychology and the law. The American Board of Forensic Psychology defines forensic psychology thusly:

[T]he application of the science and profession of psychology to questions and issues relating to law and the legal system. Forensic psychologists use the principles of psychology to communicate with attorneys, judges, and other legal specialists to analyze and understand the psychological details of various cases (https://doi.org/10.1016/B0-08-

Our Services
At CFCPNJ LLC, we provide comprehensive forensic psychological evaluations and consultation for individuals—both plaintiffs and defendants—involved in civil, criminal, immigration, and crimmigration cases, along with objective and well-articulated psychological reports. We apply state-of-the-art psychological principles and assessment procedures based on well-validated research to ensure optimal determinations of evidenced-based findings and conclusions. We strive to examine all available components of the client and their case, utilizing all available information to craft clear, well-defined, and effective impact statements and conclusion.

Each psychological evaluation is performed and overseen by one or two of our licensed forensic psychologists at CFCPNJ LLC and the aid of an internal team of master-level forensic psychology assistants who perform scribal duties, conduct research, collateral interviews, and document reviews, and assist in the draft development of the psychology report. We also employ a team of highly trained professional editors to ensure that each report is written and organized to the highest degree of clarity and impact. This team approach allows us to deliver thorough and thoughtful evaluations and provide comprehensive, clearly elucidated, evidence-based, and convincing psychological reports.

Our psychological reports include a rich and detailed narrative of the evaluee’s background and current situation, an in-depth discussion of emotional and psychological conditions related to the current case and history, and scholarly research to support all findings and recommendations. When necessary, reports also include evidence-based diagnoses of any underlying psychological conditions, along with treatment and/or psychological evaluation plans. Collateral interviews, as per the evaluee’s signed informed consent, are also conducted and a summary of the contact is provided in the appendix section of the psychological report.

Some aspects of our evaluations include differentiating the impact of a current situation (such as trauma or abuse) from any prior events to determine the extent of psychological issues, including:

• If the current situation played a role in their emotional distress.
• To what the degree the presenting situation affects their psychological wellbeing.
• How past experiences influenced the present psychological presentation, if any. If past experiences and psychological issues are not overlapping with the current psychological presentation, specific details and evidence-based statements are provided. This process is especially crucial in civil litigation cases. We also assess the validity of data by comparing documents to find corroboration.

We approach each case with objectivity and conscientiousness, acutely aware that clients’ lives often hang in the balance. Some components of our process include:
• Addressing the legal questions at hand, providing the facts of the case and incidents, identifying evidence-based and well-defined diagnoses, and formulating objective and credible opinions.
• Providing comprehensive, clear, and detailed psychological evaluations and reports.
• Conducting collateral interviews all over the world with the evaluee's informed and signed consent.
• Approaching each evaluation with the understanding that each case is unique and, subsequently, tailoring our process to the specific needs of each case.
• Providing a rapid turnaround time with optimal diligence.
• Overseeing high profile cases with discrete, experienced, and compassionate care and delivery.
• Visiting detainees in jails, prisons, and detention centers located in NY, NJ, PA, and WI.
• Serving clients with our team comprised of compassionate and professional individuals who provide tailored services to ensure each case is treated with exceptional attention to detail and precision.
• Conducting evidence-based research that is incorporated into our well-elucidated psychological reports.
• Applying the most up to date research on cross-cultural issues to specific presenting circumstances and relating research findings to the psycho-legal questions that are under review.

Referring attorneys have informed us that our psychological reports are the highest quality they have encountered in the field. Referrals are available upon request.

We conduct psychological evaluations for the following issues related to civil and negligence

• Personal Injury Litigation
• Malpractice
• Discrimination
• Defamation
• Stalking
• Harassment
• Work-Place Violence

• Competency Evaluations
• Construction Accidents
• Car and Truck Accidents
• PTSD – Post Trauma Stress
• Other Catastrophic Injurieswith psychological factors

We conduct psychological evaluations for the following issues related to criminal lawFelony and Misdemeanor:
• Psycho-Legal Consultation • Harassment
• PTSD Trauma • Possession and/or Distribution of
• Adult Competency Child Pornography Juvenile Sex
• Violent Crimes Offender
• Sex Crimes • Other Juvenile Offenses
• Internet Sex Crimes • Criminal Justice Act (CJA)
• Stalking

We conduct psychological evaluations for immigration-related petitions:
• Immigration and competency
• Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and Convention Against Torture (I-589)
• Family Petition-Hardship Waivers (I601, I601A, EOIR-42A, and EOIR-42B)
• Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant (Form I-360) under Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
• U-Visas – Victims of crime
• S-Visas – Law enforcement informants
• T-Visas – Human trafficking victims
• “Crimmigation” – Criminal activity and immigration
• Fraudulent Waivers
• Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions (n-648)
• Permanent Residency Issues
• LGBQTI Related International Challenges
• Other removal cases

We conduct the following evaluations for job-related issues and firearm access:
• Employment Issues
• Fit For Duty Evaluations: Police, Firemen, other Public Safety positions
• Licensing Issues
• Firearm Evaluation

Other types of evaluations we offer:
• Priesthood Candidacy
• Capacity
• Competency
• Academic Appeal
• Psychosocial
• Military, Martial law cases

Consultation services performed by CFCPNJ LLC include the review of records and the presentation of available research regarding a variety of topics related to the circumstances and psychological variables that impact an individual. When a review of records is requested as part of our consultation work, the psychologists at CFCPNJ LLC will also recommend that the individuals, including the clients in class action suits, be evaluated, as determined on a case-bycase analysis.

Our psychologists:

Rhonda E. Greenberg, Psy.D.
Dr. Greenberg is the owner and Director of the Center for Forensic and Clinical Psychology of New Jersey LLC (CFCPNJ LLC).

Dr. Greenberg is a licensed psychologist in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, CT, and Wisconsin. She specializes in civil, criminal, and immigration cases and welcomes complex referrals. She has extensive training and approximately 20 years of practice experience in the areas of psychological trauma, assessment of psychiatric diagnosis, and detailing and corroborating manifold narratives and events. She has coordinated evaluations in cases including the following: personal injury, medical malpractice, workplace issues, assessment of child sexual abuse accusations, PTSD, violent offenders and victims, false confession, detection of malingering, sentencing considerations, competency, and other issues that involve assessment of pain and suffering.

Nicole Colombino, PhD
Dr. Nicole Colombino works with Dr. Greenberg at CFCPNJ LLC. She is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in forensic psychology and is licensed to practice psychology in the states of New Jersey and New York. Her clinical and research experiences have exposed her to a variety of clinical and clinical-forensic settings, including prisons, psychiatric and forensic psychiatric hospitals, and community mental health centers.

In addition to her assessment and evaluation work at CFCPNJ LLC, Dr. Colombino supervises the forensic unit at a local county agency, which provides court-ordered psychological and psychosexual evaluations for juveniles in the criminal justice system. Within this role, she has personally completed and supervised over 200 evaluations. Further, Dr. Colombino supervises an outpatient treatment program for youth adjudicated for engaging in illegal sexual behavior.

Our work is centered in the U.S. and we are glad to apply for additional state licensures, as needed, and welcome the opportunity to do international work.

We welcome your questions and dialogue.

Main Office Contact Information
T: 973-267-7767 and 973-216-9916 (Spanish line)


Areas of Expertise
  • Child Abuse
  • Competency
  • Criminology
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Gangs
  • Malingering
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment/Discrimination


Available Upon Request