Renjit Allen Sundharadas, MD

Dr. Renjit Allen Sundharadas, MD

Expedient Medicolegal Services
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Encino, CA 91436
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Dr. Sundharadas is board certified in pain medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation. He completed his bachelors at the university of Wisconsin - Madison and medical school, residency and fellowship all at the medical college of Wisconsin. Dr. Sundharadas entered practice as a physician with Scripps Clinic in La Jolla before setting up his own private practice which includes medical-legal work. His practice focuses on musculoskeletal medicine. He has worked extensively with spine surgeons and performs fluoroscopically guided injections such as epidurals. Thus, he has extensive expertise with regards to spinal issues from a non-surgical conservative perspective which gives him insight on the type of injuries that will respond to conservative care and the types of injuries that will require surgery. He has extensive experience writing legal opinions. His practice has included being a QME, working with attorneys in personal injury cases and reviewing the work of pain management physicians and surgeons for insurance companies. Thus he is well versed on standard of care. Dr. Sundharadas understands the clinical perspective and required documentation required to provide accurate and supportive opinions that lead to settlements as early as possible in each case.

Areas of Expertise
  • Pain Management
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


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