Michael D McMunn NP CCHP- Advanced

Mr. Michael D McMunn NP CCHP- Advanced

Monroe , GA 30655
Mobile: 770-712-2210
Office: 770-712-2210

Providing professional services in correctional healthcare legal proceedings. Specializing in nurse and nurse practitioner standard of care determination. Experience testifying re: NP, CNS, RN, LPN and PA practice.

Recent Plaintiff and Defendant experience regarding:

ACA Standards
Affidavit of Merit
Affidavit of Meritorious Defense
Deliberate Indifference
Depositions - Live and Remote Video
Federal Rule 26 Expert Report - Multiple States
Medical Negligence
NCCHC Standards
Preliminary Expert Report
Preliminary Opinions
Pre-Settlement Records Review
Pre-Suit Affidavit
Regulatory Scope of Service
Standard of Care
Testimony at Panel Hearing
Wrongful Death

Death- Cancer, Cervical
Injury- Cancer, Skin
Death- Cardiac Arrest
Injury- Gastrointestinal, Anal Fissures
Death- Gastrointestinal, Ileus
Death- Gastrointestinal, Mesenteric Venous Thrombosis
Death- Gastrointestinal, Peritoneal Effusion
Death- Hepatic
Injury- Infection, Brain
Injury- Infection, Breast
Death- Infection, Sepsis - Dog Bite
Death- Infection, Sepsis - Joint Replacement
Death- Infection, Sepsis - Endocarditis
Injury- Infection, Sepsis - Endocarditis
Injury- Infection, Spine
Death- Medication Overdose, Prescribed
Death- Methamphetamine Overdose
Death- Neurological, Cerebral edema - Altercation - inmates
Death- Neurological, Cerebral hemorrhage - Altercation - roomate
Death- Neurological, Seizure Disorder
Death- Neurological, Withdrawal
Injury- Neurological, Cerebral Hemorrhage
Injury- Neurological, CVA
Injury- Neurological, Paralysis
Injury- Orthopedic, Hand
Injury- Orthopedic, Nasal Fracture
Injury- Orthopedic, Spine
Injury- Pain Management - Methadone
Injury- Pain Management - Opiate Abuse
Death- Pulmonary Embolism
Injury- Pulmonary Embolism
Death- Respiratory Arrest
Death- Respiratory Arrest, Withdrawal
Death- Respiratory Infection, Goodpasture Syndrome
Death- Suicide, Bipolar
Death- Suicide, Schizophrenia
Death- Suicide, Withdrawal
Death- Transport, Medications
Death- Withdrawal
Injury- Withdrawal

Areas of Expertise
  • Correctional Healthcare
  • Health Care Litigation
  • Jails & Prisons
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing
  • Physician Assistants
  • Wrongful Death


Available Upon Request