Hendrik Prinsloo, PhD

Dr. Hendrik Prinsloo, PhD

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Dr. Prinsloo is a distinguished authority in scheduling and delay damages, renowned globally for his expertise. His impactful contributions are epitomized by his latest book, 'Construction Delay Analysis Simplified,' a widely acclaimed reference available in 11 countries through Amazon. Serving as both a popular resource for delay claims worldwide and a prescribed textbook, the book has solidified his influence.

With a doctoral degree in Scheduling and Delay Damages, he boasts a 25-year journey immersed in the construction sector, overseeing the successful culmination of construction projects exceeding $3 billion in value as a construction manager.

Dr. Prinsloo's pioneering delay analysis model has been integrated into professional industry training courses on four continents, underscoring the international reach of his expertise. Moreover, his academic accomplishments shine through as he flourishes in the role of a Professor of Construction Management.

His profound impact extends to leadership roles, notably his presidency at the esteemed Association of Schools of Construction, reinforcing his influential stature in the field. As a highly sought-after international speaker, Dr. Prinsloo has captivated audiences at over 15 international conferences.

Remarkable cases also punctuate his journey as an expert witness, including pivotal contributions to the United States' first nuclear facility dedicated to converting weapon-grade platinum into fuel. His insights have also proven invaluable for Los Angeles's most expensive high-rise apartment building, a testament to his prowess in navigating intricate legal challenges of the highest stakes.

Areas of Expertise
  • Construction
  • Construction Damages
  • Scheduling Delay & Analysis


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