Hand Surgery Experts

Hand Surgery Experts

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Let our physician led team carefully select a top-tier Professor of Hand Surgery from a major U.S. university. When your case demands articulate and authoritative answers, hand surgery experts secures the nation's leading Hand Surgery expert witnesses.

Our Board-Certified university experts have full-time surgical practices, publish in major peer-reviewed surgical journals, and treat both common and complex hand surgery cases. They not only know the standard of care --- they define it. Save time and money by working directly with a true expert whose commitment is to the facts of your case.

Our hand surgery experts handle all areas of upper extremity surgical litigation including:

• Fractures of the thumb, fingers, wrist, radius, ulna, elbow, humerus, and shoulder
• Carpal tunnel surgery
• Dupuytren’s contracture
• Treatment of Colles fractures
• Ligamentous injuries
• Congenital deformities
• Infections
• Skin grafts and flaps
• Flexor and extensor tendon injuries
• Nerve repair
• Compartment syndrome and fasciotomy
• Surgical drainage and/or debridement
• Joint replacement
• Digital (finger or thumb) replantation

Regardless of the specialty or situation, Elite Medical Experts will select a nationally recognized Professor of Surgery uniquely experienced with the specific elements of your case. Elite offers a Zero- Risk Guarantee: Retain the expert or we will return your fee.

Please call (877) 670-7819 to speak directly with a Board-Certified physician on our staff. There is no charge for the initial phone consultation and we will outline a strategic plan for moving forward.

Areas of Expertise

  • Hand Surgery


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