Dr. Kos Galatsis Ph.D.

Dr. Kos Galatsis Ph.D.

Carbon Monoxide Forensics
Los Angeles, CA 90274
Mobile: 310-874-3024

- Carbon Monoxide Detection and Measurements.
- Carbon Monoxide Gas Leaks, Exhaust Flow, Ventilation, and Backdraft.
- Carbon Monoxide Diffusion and Accumulation. Close Proximity Exposure. Indoor Accumulation.
- Carbon Monoxide in Indoor Confined Spaces, Vehicle Cabins, Transport Vehicles, Residential Dwellings, Business Operations, Worksite Enclosures, and Occupational spaces.
- Carbon Monoxide Sources from Portable Generators, Small Combustion Engines, Furnaces, Ovens, Heaters, Boilers, and Internal Combustion Engines
- Carbon Monoxide Modeling & Reconstruction: 3D CAD ANSYS Modeling, Animations & Simulations, Mass Balance Modeling, and Exposure Analysis.
- Carbon Monoxide Exposure Analysis compared to recommended limits from WHO, EPA, ASHRAE, ACGIH, NIOSH & OSHA standards.
- Carbon Monoxide Expert Witness and Testimony.
- Carbon Monoxide Detector and Alarm Operation. Sensor Testing. Detector Verification. CO alarm validation to UL2034.
- Carbon Monoxide Vehicle Cabin Testing. Cabin Air Quality Testing. Car Smoke Testing. Exhaust leak testing. Design defect analysis.
- Carbon Monoxide measurement research & reporting, expert opinion, and testimony.
- Gas Detector Expert, President of Forensics Detectors

Areas of Expertise
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Fire & Life Safety


References upon request.