Bobby L. Lanford, PhD

Bobby L. Lanford, PhD

2066 Girls Ranch Road
Camp Hill, AL 36850
Office: 406-531-3541

Bobby L. Lanford, PhD is a Forest Operations Consultant with over 35 years of experience. Dr. Lanford is currently an Adjunct Professor at both Auburn and Clemson Universities. Dr. Lanford provides litigation support services on court cases involving Forestry Accidents, Product Liability, and Contractual Disputes. He has been retained for his expert witness services approximately 25 times. Dr. Lanford offers his expertise to attorneys for both Plaintiff and Defense. Selected Cases Include:

-Contract Disputes
-Forest Harvesting and Thinning Practices
-Wood Handling Facilities Safety Standards and Procedures
-Chainsaw Felling Personal Injury
-Truck Off Loading Standards and Procedures
-Timber Inventory and Mensuration
-Logging Machines' Productivity and Performance
-Potential Production and Profits of Logging Operations and Wood Products Facilities

Areas of Expertise
  • Agricultural
  • Forestry
  • Tree/Arborist
  • Trees Appraisal
  • Wood Products & Lumber


Available Upon Request