Alan J Salzberg

Dr. Alan J Salzberg

Salt Hill Statistical Consulting
New York, NY 11217
Office: 646-461-6153

Alan Salzberg is Senior Statistician and Principal of Salt Hill. Dr. Salzberg's focus is statistical analysis, sampling, estimation, and modeling, especially using large or complex datasets. Many of Dr. Salzberg's consulting projects and research papers have related to the detection and measurement of bias. Dr. Salzberg has testified as an expert witness in statistics in multiple venues. Prior to joining Salt Hill, Alan was CEO at Analysis & Inference. He has also held positions at KPMG (in its Economic Consulting group) and at Morgan Stanley. Dr. Salzberg holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he also received a Bachelor of Science in Economics. For musings on everyday probability, see Dr. Salzberg's blog: "What are the chances?" (

Areas of Expertise
  • Construction Lending
  • Economics
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Statistics


References upon request.