Stacey B. Pietromonaco

Stacey B. Pietromonaco

Burgess Experts INC
12 Hampshire Dr
Mobile: 978-549-8237
Office: 978-549-8237

Full time inpatient registered nurse.
Experienced legal nurse consultant, report writer, deposition and trial testimony.
ANCC Double Board Certified.
Chosen to be an ANCC board member to set the standards for national nursing certification exams.
Expertise in nursing specialties including: Medical, Surgical, Cardiovascular, Psychiatry, Neurology, Neurosurgery, and stroke.
BLS, CPR and ALS certified.
Winner of numerous awards and recognition throughout my nursing career.
Masters of Science in Nursing Education with experience teaching nursing clinical for a BSN program.
Licences to practice in Massachusetts, Texas, New York and New Jersey
President of Burgess Experts INC- legal nursing consultancy

Experience working with
Inpatient Settings: Head to toe nursing assessments and monitoring on Neurosurgical, Neurology, Medical-Surgical, Psychiatry, Cardiology and Telemetry units
Implanted Devices: Cardiac Defibrillator, Pacemaker, loop recorder, VP Shunt, Neurostimulator
Medical Devices: Chest Tubes, NG tubes, J tubes, Indwelling Foley Catheters, Rectal Tubes, Pigtails, PEG Tubes, Colostomies, Ileostomies, Fistulas,
Access Lines: Peripheral intravenous, Central, PICC, Internal Jugular, Permacath, Shiley, and Arteriovenous Fistulas
Medications: IV Antibiotics, IV blood products, IV Heparin/Insulin/Cardiac Drips, TPN, and Patient Controlled Analgesia Pumps
Respiratory: Nasal and Oral Suctioning, BIPAP, CPAP, Tracheotomies
Skin: Pressure Ulcers, Arterial, Venous and Diabetic Ulcers, Wound Care and Dressing Changes, Wound Vacuums
Patient Conditions: Delirium, Stroke, alcohol withdrawal, post-surgery
Patient Safety Assessments: Fall risk assessments, CAM and delirium screening, Braden scale skin risk assessment, MEWS assessment

Areas of Expertise
  • Addiction Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Nursing
  • Psychiatry


Available Upon Request