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Sidespin Group LLC

Image Processing
San Francisco, CA 94123
Office: 818-814-8851

Areas of Expertise
• Image processing algorithms that generate high resolution, wide dynamic range images at more than 100 frames per second, at minimum size, weight, and power.
• Imaging systems for hand-held, helmet-mounted, vehicular, satellite, and UAV use cases, as well as fixed platform and mobile surveillance applications.
• Extremely low size, weight, and power, high-performance embedded image processing systems for civilian and military applications.
• Design and manufacturing of custom, embedded image-processing solutions.
- Source code review for image processing.

Formal Education
• Postdoctoral research scientist, Neuromorphic Computing
• Ph.D., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
• M.S., Electrical Engineering

Our expert has been working in the area of signal and image processing for more than 30 years and on developing multi-sensor imaging and night vision technology both in academia at a top research university and in the commercial sector. He has extensive experience with both the design and implementation of conventional as well as biologically inspired spatial-temporal algorithms, signal and image processing applications.

He has also developed several applications in adaptive image processing for real-time image enhancement, image analysis, automatic target recognition, sensor fusion, and a range of high-performance military and commercial imaging systems.

He has also worked in the area of neuromorphic computing, cellular neural/nonlinear networks, and contributed to both the algorithmic and implementation aspects of convolutional neural network (CNN) devices advancing several aspects of computing techniques in the area of machine learning, solution of partial differential equations, image decomposition, analysis, segmentation, and compression.

Research and Development Contracts:
- Office of Naval Research, multispectral imaging, real-time image enhancement, and image fusion
- US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, digital night vision, multi-spectral goggle systems
- Missile Defense Agency, vision-based target discrimination with real-time image analysis and machine learning
- DARPA, neuromorphic vision systems, artificial retina, object recognition and identification, vision-based machine learning
- NASA, real-time imaging payload for Martian rotorcraft
- Air Force Research Laboratory, augmented reality headset with digital night vision
Industrial Contracts:
- Main navigation camera for GA aircraft (2+ million flight hours), various UAV payload camera systems for long-range imaging
- Industry-first scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera system, HDR camera systems, low light imaging
- Intensified CMOS imaging, multi-spectral sensor fusion electronics
- Image fusion electronics, low-light CMOS camera system
- Augmented reality thermal weapon sight
- Thermal-visible image fusion systems
- Low-cost satellite imaging payloads, radiation-tolerant low earth orbit (LEO) camera system, radiation-hardened deep space camera, radiation-hardened thermal camera, fault-tolerant image processing electronics
- Rugged airborne camera system, satellite payload camera system
- Cockpit AR vision system for enhanced flight safety
- Thermal imaging, real-time image processing, sensor fusion
- Control electronics for remotely operated robotic camera systems
- Real-time image enhancement for scientific camera systems
- Hand-held targeting systems with multispectral imaging, enhanced vision systems, low-light, UV, and thermal imaging systems
- Panoramic camera system, sensor fusion systems, real-time image processors
- Black silicon camera systems for solid-state low light imaging, Vis/NIR imaging systems
- Hand-held interferometer for real-time spectral analysis
- Enhanced CCTV camera system for day/night surveillance
- Commercial-grade night imaging systems, cell phone camera for video recording at night, consumer-grade solid-state night vision goggles using micro OLED technology
- Augmented reality headsets for enterprise systems, manufacturing, field service, logistics, and training

Clients include:
- Northrop Grumman
- Raytheon
- Lockheed Martin
- FedEx Aviation
- FLIR Systems
- Zebra Corp

Areas of Expertise
  • Computers
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Image Processing
  • Information Technology
  • Intellectual Property
  • Photography
  • Software
  • Software Engineering
  • Trade Secrets
  • User Interface
  • Video
  • Virtual Reality


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