Rocky E. Pittman, MD, CLCP

Rocky E. Pittman, MD, CLCP

Cruzora Physician Solutions, PLLC
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Rocky E. Pittman, CEO & Founder. Cruzora Physician Solutions, PLLC are board-certified, licensed and actively practicing Physicians and Life Care Planners. Cruzora specializes in Medical-Legal Documentation Review and Assessment Reports. We pride ourselves on the highest quality medical reports and expert testimony.

Litigation Support: Cruzora provides objective, defensible and unbiased opinions in a clear and easy-to-understand format. We work with clients, plaintiff and defense attorneys, insurance and government agencies. As physicians, we can independently formulate medical opinions and conclusions.

Cruzora physicians are well-versed on standards of care and delivery of medical services within the healthcare community. Our services are available nationally and internationally.

We are Physician-Legal Consultants who specialize in:
• Medical Records Review with Attention to Causation and Liability
• Hospital Institutional Medical Errors
• Third-Party Physician Documentation reviews
• Medical Cost Projections
• Determination of Required Medical Services
• Future Medical Costs Associated with the Elderly
• Reasonableness of Past Medical Care
• Life Expectancy
• Life Care Planning due to Catastrophic and Non-Catastrophic Injuries
• Expert Witness Designation or Consultative Support

Areas of Expertise
  • Life Care Planning
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Medical Records
  • Personal Injury


Available Upon Request