kenneth l pennington

Dr. kenneth l pennington

741 east northshore drive
syracuse, IN 46567
Office: 574-536-2055

Dr. Pennington is a board certified medical oncologist with extensive clinical experience, providing oncology services for over 30 years in the community setting. He has also been an active participant in clinical trials for groups such as NSABP, ECOG and pharma companies. He is well versed in the standard of care for many types of cancer by virtue of training, experience and a commitment to continuing education. Reviews of cases for both plaintiff and defendant are welcome and will be done promptly and carefully. He also collaborates with other cancer specialists that are often needed, e.g. radiologists and surgical oncologists, and can assist in obtaining those persons if needed. Further information is available at

Areas of Expertise
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Oncology
  • Wrongful Death


Available Upon Request