Jonathan Broyles

Mr. Jonathan Broyles

Image And Sound Forensics™
P.O. Box 490
Parker , CO 80134
Office: 303-805-5301
Fax: 303-841-7386


Mr. Broyles represents 14 years experience in providing expert witness and forensic examination services combined with 32+ years experience in research, design & development of computer software and electronic products to include forensic lab equipment and forensic audio/video/image software. This combination of experience gives invaluable insights into the forensic processes and application in each unique case or project. Court Qualified. Detail CV available on request.

Areas: Audio/Video/Voice/Image, Enhancement, Restoration, Authentication, and Litigation upport Services; Voice Identification, Comparison and Elimination; Tape, CD & DVD Analysis. Fully equipped analog and digital audio-video processing laboratory for handling most types of digital mulitmedia and recorded evidence.

Areas of Expertise

  • Audio
  • Photography
  • Sound Engineering
  • Video


References upon request.