Jiri Bem

Dr. Jiri Bem

Associate Professor of Surgery, SUNY Upstate University Hospital
750 East Adams Street
Syracuse , NY 13210
Office: 315-882-1978
Fax: 315-464-6250

• Objective expert medical testimony in the field of colon and rectal surgery and colonoscopy offered for plaintiffs or defense counsel, depending on merits of case. Medical case reviews and evaluations for merit or defensibility, computer literature searches
•Verbal and written reports delineating pertinent standards of care, alleged and potential deviations, proximate causation, and damages - or rebuttal of allegations, depending on the respective merits of individual cases;
•Meritless or indefensible cases will be presented as such, if that is the opinion of the expert, in order to minimize further expenditures of attorney's time and money

Areas of Expertise
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Proctology


References upon request.