Insurance Expert Network (IEN)

Insurance Expert Network (IEN)

Morrisville , PA 19067
Office: 215-736-2980
Fax: 215-736-2986


We provide access to over 500 highly qualified insurance experts in property, casualty, claims underwriting, life, health, environmental, fidelity, surety, D&O, E&O, professional liability, marine, actuarial, credit, crop, reinsurance, long-term care and many others at no cost to attorneys and their clients.

You deal with professionals with an in-depth knowledge of insurance who can assist you in selecting the expert most appropriate for your clients' needs. You receive CV's and Fee Schedules of highly qualified experts, pre-screened for potential conflicts and ready to work. We have over 120 Areas of Expertise.

We make most referrals within 24-48 hours. There is no charge to attorneys or their clients. An Overview of IEN services, expert areas, and client feedback can be found at IEN Overview on our website ( or call us at 215-736-2980 for more information.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accident Investigation
  • Actuary - Actuarial
  • Auto Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Bad Faith
  • Business Valuation
  • Business/Employment Insurance
  • Construction Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Health/Medical/Disability Insurance
  • Homeowner's Insurance
  • Insurance
  • Insurance Adjuster
  • Insurance Agency
  • Insurance Agent/Broker
  • Insurance Customs & Practices
  • Insurance Excess & Surplus Lines
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Liability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Risk Management
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Expert Background

Q: Please list your professional accreditations, degrees, licenses, and certificates granted:
A: The majority of our experts hold certifications such as AIM, AAAM, AIAF, AMIM, ARIAS, CIF, CIC, CPCU, CLU, FCAS, PLUS, RFC and WCLS as well as many others.
Q: Have any of your accreditations ever been investigated, suspended or removed? (if yes, explain)
A: We do not refer experts who have had this type of action on their record.
Q: On how many occasions have you been retained as an expert?
A: Our experts have been retained repeatedly by the same attorney many times.
Q: For what area(s) of expertise have you been retained as an expert?
A: Our experts have been retained in underwriting, claims, operations, insurance agency/broker, surety, fidelity, property/casualty, workers comp, D&O, E&O, professional liability, commercial and personal insurance matters.
Q: In what percentage of your cases were you retained by the plaintiff?
A: 50%
Q: In what percentage of your cases were you retained by the defendant?
A: 50%
Q: On how many occasions have you had your deposition taken?
A: Our experts have been deposed thousands of times.
Q: On how many occasions have you been qualified by a court to give expert testimony?
A: Some of our experts have both been qualified in their various fields and also having history of their case being settled after expert reports have been filed.
Q: What services do you offer? (E.g.: consulting, testing, reports, site inspections etc.)
A: Services offered cover nearly all the services required by the legal industry and are defined by the respective expert that offers them.
Q: What is your hourly rate to consult with an attorney?
A: Rates are set individually by the respective expert.
Q: What is your hourly rate to review documents?
A: Rates are set individually by the respective expert.
Q: What is your hourly rate to provide deposition testimony?
A: Rates are set individually by the respective expert.
Q: What is your hourly rate to provide testimony at trial?
A: Rates are set individually by the respective expert.


Insurance Expert Network helped reduce my search time for a qualified experts, provided me with multiple, well qualified, experienced candidates to choose from, obtained their resumes, rates and references for me and even coordinated telephone conferences so I could conduct initial screening interviews with the candidates who appeared to be a good match for my case. IEN was very professional and responsive.

Michael E. Jacobs, Esq.
McGowan & Jacobs, LLC
- Hamilton, OH

In connection with high stakes, complex litigation, our firm approached Insurance Expert Network respecting a series of issues that arose relatively late in the case. Trial was imminent, and we demanded a sophisticated analysis with a very short term turnaround. From initial referral to final report, IEN was able to quickly identify, qualify and refer experts ready to work. Performance of both IEN and their experts was professional, efficient and effective.

David L. Braverman, Esq.
Julie I. Kaplan, Esq.
Braverman Kaskey P.C.
- Philadelphia, PA

IEN’s clients include

* Abrams, Gorelick, Friedman & Jacobson, LLP
* Law Office of David W. Allor
* Anspach Meeks Ellenberger, LLP
* Banning Micklow & Bull LLP
* Braverman Kaskey P.C.
* Brown Gitt Law Group
* Bubb, Grogan & Cocca, LLP
* Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, P.C.
* Colodny, Fass, Talenfield, Karlinksy & Abate, PA
* Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, L.C.
* Gartner + Bloom, P.C.
* J. Timothy George, P.C.
* Hall & Tanner, P.C.
* Robert G. Harvey, Esq.
* Holland & Knight, LLP
* The Law Offices of Richard F. Hussey, P.A.
* Kenny, Brimmer & Mahoney, LLC
* Killian & Salisbury, P.C.
* Kittleman, Thomas & Gonzales, LLP
* Kline & Specter, P.C.
* Logan, Yumkas Vidmar & Sweeney, LLC
* McGowan & Jacobs, LLC
* Newland, Newland, Newland
* Phifer & White, P.C.
* Rogers, Laughlin, Nunnally, Hood & Crum, P.C.
* Richard C. Seneca, Attorney At Law
* Skidmore & Hall Co, L.P.A.
* Skupin & Lucas, P.C.
* Slappey & Sadd, LLC
* Spector Gadon & Rosen, P.C.
* Tarasi & Tarasi, P.C.
* Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, P.C.
* Wetzel, Caverly, Shea, Phillips & Dicker
* Wilcox & Savage