Herbert H. DeFriez, P.E.

Herbert H. DeFriez, P.E.

Innovative Design Engineering Inc. ,
1254-3 Cravens Lane
Carpinteria , CA 93013
Mobile: 805-294-9113
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Mr. DeFriez is president of IDE, Inc. a company that developed emissions testing equipment. He now consults in corrosion and engineering failures as a court tested expert witness. He has a Cal P.E. in corrosion (CR462)

His most noticeable attribute is his ability to connect diverse data to reveal causes of failure not anticipated through casual thinking. Since this is simply the scientific method, he evaluates the raw failure data, researches and applies the collected facts to the problem and devises a cause that matches the available information. Typically, he then experimentally reproduces the failure, thus removing need for “expert opinion”, allowing the collected test data alone to prove his case.

Case areas include:
• Plating, painting, coatings and general corrosion from all sources.
• Failures from poor surface prep and application, wrong materials and not following standard practices.
• Esoteric failures such as narrow temperature range for anodic protection, vibration induced protective oxide failure, slag mechanically
imbedded into tubing, protective tape breach by backfilling contractors, improper connection of dissimilar metals, etc.
• Origin and cause fire investigation of burner modification.
• Origin and cause of sinking marine floats due to Santa Barbara 1969 oil spill.
• Murder case with experimental reproduction of the reported actions.
• Delamination of glass boat hull from excess use of solvent during assembly.
• Wheelchair poorly designed, corroded and welded improperly, resulting in fatal accident.
• Cracks in cast iron drain pipe caused by salt laden beach air transpiring into building.
• Experimental reproduction of human burn scenario to pinpoint exact cause.

Areas of Expertise

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Corrosion
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Failure Analysis
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Paint & Coatings
  • Professional Engineering


Available Upon Request