Galina Nikolskaya, M.D.

Galina Nikolskaya, M.D.

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Dr.Galina Nikolskaya, MD, Board Certified by APBN in Neurology, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology, Magna Cum Laude, from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio in 2005. She won the Ruzzell M.Lawall Prize for excellence in biology in 2005 and a supplementary instructor leader achievement award for her contributions teaching undergraduate students college level physics and organic chemistry from 2003-2005 as a supplementary instructor.

She received her medical degree in 2010 from Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, Dayton OH. As a medical student she received honors for her outstanding clinical performance during both internal and external neurology clinical clerkships.
She did her internship year in internal medicine at St Mary Medical Center in Long Beach, CA in 2010 where she was recognized as a top 5 resident in critical care rotation and excelled in her neurological clinical rotation.

She became licensed to practice medicine in CA in 12/2011 and maintains an active CA medical license.

Dr. Nikolskaya completed her residency in neurology at the University of California San Diego in 2015. During her residency she developed an additional interest in the various headache disorders and movement disorders and was trained by accomplished experts in the field providing care at the Headache Center of South California and the UCSD Movement Disorder Center designated as the Center of Excellence. She attended movement disorders conferences to expand her level of knowledge. She co-authored a review article on glossopharyngeal neuralgia (cranial nerve 9) during her residency. She taught medical students rotating with her during their clinical neurology clerkships at 3 different hospitals and received feedback that medical students considered her a great teacher.

After residency she completed an ACGME accredited clinical neurophysiology (CNP) fellowship at Harbor-UCLA in 2016 where she became skilled in electrodiagnostics including electroencephalography, electromyography, nerve conduction studies. During her fellowship she acquired additional clinical expertise in neuromuscular disorders, headache and epilepsy evaluating and treating patients in subspeciality neurology clinics. She also attended a botox clinic run by a movement disorder specialist and learned botulinum toxin injections of various neurological conditions. Throughout her fellowship, she supervised residents and medical students in their continuity clinic. She educated residents and medical students on numerous diseases of the nervous system during their clinical time. During scheduled didactic noon conferences, she gave one hour lectures on neurological disorders. In 8/2016 she became an adjunct neurologist at Harbor-UCLA medical center and remains an active member.

She became ABPN board certified in Neurology during her CNP fellowship in 9/2015.

She went into private clinical practice right after her fellowship, working for Neuromedical Diagnostic group until 7/2016. In 8/2016 Dr.Nikolskaya was invited to join another group, Southland Neurologic Institute, where she continues her active clinical practice and manages a wide spectrum of neurological diseases and applies her expertise in clinical neurophysiology and in botulinum toxin injections. She was recognized as Top 1 Neurologist in the Orange Country Region during a Spring 2017 HealthTap Best Doctor competition. In her clinical private practice she consistently receives the highest patient satisfaction feedback and frequently gets referrals for a second opinion. In 8/2017, she founded and became a president and a neurologist of a GNQNC.INC, a neurological care company where, using website, she offers increased access to a neurological expertise by providing timely high quality comprehensive second opinion consultations outside of regular work hours with an option for tele-consults.

She came across medical legal work in 9/2017 when some of her patients confided in her about their medical legal struggles after having been injured at work or at the hospital. She recognized that in addition to being her patient’s physician, she can broaden her service of the community by providing quality expert opinions as an expert witness, performing thorough independent neurological examinations and writing effective reports as an expert witness, as well as an independent, an agreed upon, or a qualified medical examiner. These areas of medicine require physicians that are honest, articulate, have excellent communication skills, thorough, observant, and can be precise in opinions, all of the qualities for which patients have praised Dr.Nikolskaya as their neurologist. Her teaching background gave her a skill of effective explaining of complex and technical issues, a skill vital for an expert witness to educate both a judge and a jury.

Dr.Nikolskaya is available to review medical records, discuss and write up her opinions, and testify at deposition and trial. She has reviewed cases pertaining to personal and work injury, medical malpractice and negligence cases. Dr.Nikolskaya has been retained as an expert witness in an anoxic brain injury case and is scheduled to testify at trial as an expert witness in neurology

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