Arizona Employment & Vocational Expert Witnesses

Determining Worker Employability & Earning Capacity - Vocational Testing, Earning Capacity Studies, Vocational Rehabilitation, Assistive Technology Evaluations, Job Analysis, Workplace Accommodation Services, Expert Witness Testimony in divorce, personal...
CRC Services, LLC is a vocational firm specializing in a wide array of vocational consulting, vocational rehabilitation and vocational advising services to governmental agencies, private business, the legal community and the general public. CRC Services was...
As a management consultant since 1987, Ms. Seawright has provided professional HR consultation services and advice to business owners, CEOs, boards, and HR leaders across the nation. She has consulted with organizations of all sizes, including for-profit,...
Find expert witnesses and consultants who may testify on aspects of employment and vocational issues by clicking on the following categories. These professionals can opine on occupational & environmental health, compensation, and OSHA. Consultants found on this page may also provide reports regarding human resources, wrongful termination, and workplace violence. These employment experts can also opine on issues regarding labor economics, labor law, and discrimination, as well as related topics.

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Alcohol Abuse
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Business Law
Business/Employment Insurance
Corporate Governance
Disabled Access
Drug Abuse
Family Law
Forensic Accounting
Forensic Psychiatry
Forensic Psychology
Health Care Administration
Health/Medical/Disability Insurance
Human Resources
Industrial Psychology
International Business
Labor Economics
Labor Law
Life Care Planning
Life Insurance
Lost Profits
Negligent Hiring
Occupational/Environmental Health
Sexual Harassment/Discrimination
Vocational Evaluation & Rehabilitation
Workers Compensation Insurance
Workplace Violence
Wrongful Termination