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Our highly qualified staff of Mechanical, Biomechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineers have decades of experience assisting attorneys and insurance representatives pursue their cases. Most of our engineers having advanced engineering degrees from top-rated universities. Our team of PhD’s, Professors and Licensed Professional Engineers have the background and experience required to investigate claims in a wide variety of fields, including accident reconstruction, injury biomechanics, animation, products liability, human factors and safety. Additionally, our engineers have served on ANSI (American National Standards Institute) committees for both ladders and golf carts and are actively involved in contributing to current research through publication in several fields, including human factors and safety, accident reconstruction, golf car accidents, and ladder accidents.

Our diverse staff of engineers have expertise spanning many aspects of engineering, allowing us the flexibility to investigate a large variety of cases. Additionally, we are equipped to investigate cases with multidisciplinary aspects.

We have offices in CT, NY, FL & CA, and have investigated nearly 2,000 cases nationwide over the last 25 years, working for both Plaintiff and Defense firms.



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