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Dr. James Miller, PE, PhD – Mark R. Lehto, PhD – Bradley Cook, PE, BSME, and the other professional staff at Miller Engineering represent degrees in mechanical, agricultural, chemical & biomedical engineering, human factors, ergonomics, packaging, law, psychology, and nursing.

Miller Engineering has extensive expert testimony experience in circuit and federal courts. We also have the expertise to investigate and apply accepted engineering analysis methods to the following types of cases (and beyond):

1. Vehicle Accidents: Car / Truck / Motorcycle / Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstructions, Crash Data Retrievals (CDR Downloads / Black Box), and Pedestrian / Bicycle Accidents.

2. Workplace Safety: OSHA Compliance, Machine Guarding & Entanglements, Crane Accidents, Material Handling, Fork Lifts, and Conveyors.

3. Warnings & Instructions: Warning Labels & User Manual Designs, Product Label Designs, Compliance with US and Global Standards (ANSI Z535 and ISO Standards), Inadequate Warnings Analysis, Product Recall Information and Strategies, and Health & Chemical Hazard Warnings.

4. Chemical Safety: MSDS / SDS Design, Review, and Analysis, including with respect to NEW OSHA HAZCOM 2012 and Globally Harmonized System (GHS), Chemical Product Warnings / Labels Compliance, Fire and Explosion Investigations, Toxic Tort Litigations (Asbestos, Lead, Benzene, Carbon Monoxide, Diacetyl), Chemical Exposures, Food Flavoring and Fragrance Hazards.

5. Consumer Product Safety: Appliances & Tools, Child Furniture, Choking, Playgrounds, Swimming Pools, and Exercise Equipment.

6. Premise Liability: Slips, Trips, and Falls.




References available upon request.