Jan F. Leach

Janus Document Examination
222 W. Comstock Avenue, Suite 201
Winter Park, FL 32789
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Phone: 407 628-1090
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Jan Leach is a court qualified expert witness and has appeared before Eastern Seaboard and Southeastern States courts as well as Federal court. She has experience as a forensic document examiner with questioned signatures, disputed wills, contracts, disguised handwriting, checks, promissory notes, altered medical records, mortgages, quit claim deeds, trusts and estates, immigration cases, insurance claims and industrial espionage. Our staff has examined suicide notes, poison pen letters, medical records, holographic wills and has aided attorneys in providing strong evidence to support various cases. Jan Leach's goal is to verify the genuineness of signatures and documents so clients may make informed decisions about their cases. She will travel to support your case in Florida, the U. S. and the Caribbean.

After thorough document examination, we will provide you with a report, an affidavit or a letter of opinion. We can provide court testimony to support our opinion in your case, if needed.

In addition to our lab, we also have portable equipment so that we can examine documents at any location.

Jan Leach is a an active member of the International Association of Document Examiners (IADE). Ms. Leach is a former member of the National Association of Document Examiners and has attended their seminars and workshops. Professional Associations: The Institute of Graphological Sciences (tIGS),lectured at annual conference June, 1995, Dallas, Texas. Graphological Society of San Francisco (GSSF); participant in Congress of Graphological Societies (COGS); Membership: Private Investigators Association of Florida; Former Member of National Association of Document Examiners (NADE); American Association of Handwriting Analysts (AAHA); Southeastern Handwriting Anaylsts (SEHA); member of ASTM International, a standards development organization.

In 2011, Jan Leach successfully completed accuracy testing, (in collaboration with the Forensic Expertise Profiling lab, La Trobe University). See ST²AR: Skill-Task Training and Research Inc.



References available upon request.