Bartley J. Eckhardt, P.E.

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Marine and Mechanical Engineer

What better expert to retain for matters relating to marine and industrial engineering than a Merchant Mariner who’s versed in ship design and operation, who co-authored the U.S. Navy Towing Manual, and who’s been a recreational boater since childhood?

Bart’s experience doesn’t end there. He took his shipboard experience ashore where he designed, built, tested, troubleshot, maintained, and repaired highly specialized machines and systems. Machine guarding to piping, kettles to presses, rigging to blocking, Bart’s probably done it, and crafted the instructions and warnings, too.

Bart holds a patent for remediation of contaminated soil, is a Professional Engineer registered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and licensed in New York, Ohio, and Kentucky.



References available upon request.